Be Ye Thankful


 Be Ye Thankful

Hum…… Just wanted to send out and share a thought with all my frens. Woke up this morning thinking with a verse on my mind. “ Be ye thankful”  Then I wondered is that just for today? Why not everyday? And how many times have I thought on or heard that vese and wondered why? Why be thankful? For what? Whats so good bout today or yesterday? My life? My job? My marriage? My school? My health Or lack of it? My frens? Hum… As for me God forgive me for such an attitude, for such unconcern about others and only myself? For my judgmental attitude at times? For my unkindness and mean spirit? Unwillingness to give and help others less fortunate? For my lack of devotions with God and my little prayer life? Wait a minute I did wake up this morning while many others went to sleep and never woke up today! I can hear, see, smell taste and touch while others may not be able to. Are you thankful yet? I got up and had so many clothes to choose from to wear today. While others had to wear the same clothes they wore yesterday and the day before? THANKFUL YET? I didn’t wake up wondering if there would be food in the frig or cubberd? Others not only woke up hungry they went to bed hungry.  Went to bed cold and half naked. Homeless and feeling helpless. Are you thankful yet? You didn’t wake up in some hospital or convalescent home? Or did you? Woke up next to a love one, had a child or 2 to sit on your lap, someone to hug and to hold, to laugh with, to talk with, share with,  while SOMEBODY else doesn’t or didn’t have anyone to care to love to share with. THANKFUL YET?  You didn’t wake up crying and fearful? With no one to turn to? Wake up molested or abused. Somewhere someone is being hurt and abused with no one seemingly to go to or care? “BE YE THANKFUL”  In closing my friends have a blessed day and don’t forget to BE YE THANKFUL!!!!!


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