The Arms of The Father: The Place a Backsliding Christian is Truly Loved


The Arms of the Father: The Place a Backsliding Christian is Truly Loved

Do you think it’s necessary to pray with people if you feel they are not sincere about living for God? What’s the point if they’re going to backslide tomorrow anyway?

When I was backsliding I wanted to “do my own thing” SO much, but I wanted to have God with me, too. It was a horrible situation where I needed to make a decision and I kept making the wrong one. The Holy Ghost would urge me to make right choices, so I would sort of try to do good. I would go up to the alter after my pastor had spoke a Word from the Lord and my heart would be pricked. I would weep and intercede on my own behalf. And every time I went to the alter to “try” to get my life where it needed to be, there was always someone praying with me even though they KNEW I wasn’t sincere. Despite it all, though, I did eventually backslide and leave church.
It was never a waste of time, though, to pray for me. It let me know that someone cared enough to reach out and try to break the chains that bound me. They hugged me when I was done crying and whispered a word of encouragement. And when I was done “doing my own thing” I knew a place where there were people that loved me. It was the home of the prodigal because I had felt the arms of the Father through them that prayed for me.
Please know, if there’s someone in your church and they’re not sincere but they keep coming, don’t shun them. If it appears that they will probably backslide because they have their eyes on the world, don’t not love them to the very end. Put your arms around them as much as you can before they go.

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