You Must Be Born Again

You Must Be Born Again

You must be born again (John 3:7).

One of the most striking things about what Jesus said is not what he said, but whom he said it to. Nicodemus was a member of the Jewish ruling council and the leading theologian of his religion (John 3:1,9: “Israel’s teacher.”) Jesus was talking to a man who was revered by the nation for his knowledge and achievements. But what Jesus basically told Nicodemus was,

“I appreciate your sincerity. However, when you are in my presence, everything you have done from the day of your birth until today – and I mean absolutely everything – means absolutely nothing.” Jesus was referring to salvation.

Nicodemus must have been totally shocked when he heard this. But that’s what a new birth is. It means that whatever life you had before is gone, and only your new life counts.

What about you? Have you realised that whatever you have done or achieved before you were born again in Christ means nothing (Philippians 3:7)?

Being born again means that there is nothing in your past that can condemn you, and nothing in your future that can hinder you.

You must be born again. It’s a scary thought at first, I know, but think of the upside – eternal life! It means a new life in which your past means nothing, and Jesus means everything. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: It’s not that everything you were and did before you were born again ceases to exist. Instead, God recycles it for his kingdom and for his glory.  Examine yourself. Have you surrendered every talent, skill and attribute you possess for God’s exclusive use?

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