Why did it have to be me?

Why did it have to be me

Why did it have to be me? Why someone like me would go through a lot in her life. I know we all have up and downs. But do people really do see how we feel inside of us? No, they don’t see the hurt. They do see us being happy on the outside they just don’t know how we really feel. And I have been through a lot I have moved three times and I have to say it was not fun. No! I just did not give up from not going to church just because of it. Or maybe a loved one in your family is not in church and they have been in church all their lives. You would not say well I’ll just go ahead and just drop out of the church. Just because this happen or that happen. No, if I did that I would punish my self and be upset. When something happens to just give up keep going to church and pray for them and ask God to be there and guide them and pray that everything would be ok. Some of you don’t know I did go through a lot and it is not easy. I did not give up I was raised in the church. To come and ask God to forgive us. And to pray for our friends and family. But I can say that devil will never win a battle. And he can’t take our joy from us. All I can say about this is true I know but when you pray to God and ask God he is always there for you.

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Janae Stanford

Seeing My Future Back in my childhood I have seen my parents being a pastor and wife in the Brighton church. All my life I have been through so many things. One thing I have been asked, "what would I do in the ministry," from friends and my youth pastor and others ministers from other churches. They would tell me you should be a pastor's wife and I would tell them no I could not. Then they would ask me why and I will tell them why? and also I would ask my friends the same thing and they would tell me why too. One thing that caught my attention was seeing my youth pastor and the other youth pastor from other churches I have went to. All the time we would have church service, be at the church having fun, going to youth events. There are so many things to pick from in the church ministry. Like being a choir director, a pastor, youth pastor, and others you can do. But for one thing, I can see in my life is having a boyfriend and date a long time, then get engaged and get married. After getting married and have a wonderful family loving God and being raised in church and doing the same for their kids. For one thing, I know that God knows where my life will go and how my life will end up. From my parents and their parents from the kids and their kids. And when I see my husband and my own family have done the same that our parents done in their lives serving and loving and talking about His word. That is all I can see and say about my future and still thanking God for what He has done for us. Loving God is the best thing you have in your life and do to go pray for people and reach out to them. Bringing them to church to learn about God. That is who we are today, apostolic's tongue talking in Jesus name.