Who are You?

Who are You

Who Are You?

Good morning! I hope your week is getting off to a good start.

Several years ago I was at a city event, next to where we were was some folks with a small Chihuahua dog on a leash. This dog acted like it was ferocious and would tear up anything it got a hold of. Some other folks walked by with one of the largest German Shepherd dogs I have ever seen. As they passed the small dog hit the end of his leash and strained against it until his front feet were off the ground, trying to get at the Shepherd. To my amusement the Shepherd never even looked at the small dog, which it obviously could have killed with no effort at all. He had nothing to prove and no one to impress, he knew who he was.

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matt 5:5

Jesus again puts it different than we would. He says the humble, unassuming are blessed. They don’t need the things of this world to prove anything. They don’t need the acclaim of people to prove anything. They know where their strength comes from and who they are…His children.

Just a thought! God Bless.

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  1. Pastor Doran – Thank you this Sunday morning, for a simple stated truth.. My Pastor, Pastor Huntley, once told me “Let not then your good be evil spoken of:” I had to research it , and ask for understanding, finally I got it. When others come against you , like the small dog, snarling , snapping, trying to attach, your job is to not “REACT,” We cannot hinder ungoverned tongues from speaking evil; but we must not give them any occasion. to speak evil on our reputation, humble is the servant, for we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. Just like the massive German Shepard, quietly walk on by, for as children of God we have nothing to prove and no one to impress. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and pray for the small dog. When you get the full grasp of who you are in Christ, no one can hurt you. Blessings!!!

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