Whitened And Purified Through the Fire!

Consumed by Holiness

” And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.” Daniel 11: 35

Are you in a time of trial? Do you ever think (because you would never dare to say out loud), “Lord, I know you said that you’d never leave or forsake me, but where are you? What are you doing?” I know I have.

Maybe I’m just weaker than others, but I’ve had temper tantrums “before the Lord”. I’ve gone into my room, slammed my door, thrown myself on the bed, and wept like a baby! When that didn’t seem to get his attention, I began the finger-pointing game.

Like Adam who blamed his wife AND God in the same breath (“..the WOMAN that YOU gave me…), I’ve reminded God that HE called us here and things would be far better if THESE CRAZY FOLKS around here would just listen and learn. Ultimately, however, I have, to be honest, and admit that I may be a part of the problem.

When I do this and ask for forgiveness, he gives it. Then, when I ask for his help, he’ll give it- sometimes. Sometimes, he’ll just explain to me that this is a time of purifying for me. I have to go through this. Why? Simply because he guided me into this mess “to try (me), and to purge (me), and to make (me) white…”!

The word “try” here literally means “to refine” and the word “purge” here means “to clarify (brighten), to select”. Sugar is a great substance to me (probably why I’m so hefty). It makes great sweet ICED tea (The only godly way to drink tea in my book, though I’ve yet to find scripture to back up my conviction on this!) However, there is a vast difference between the REFINED sugar and the sugar as it is in its natural state.

Refined sugar is white and easy to use. It can immediately be used to sweeten almost anything. Unrefined sugar is much harder to work with, and in its natural state, impossible to use. Don’t believe me? Try sticking a piece of sugarcane in a glass of tea and see how well it mixes.

God put’s us through the fiery trials to purify us and make us bright in his eyes- so that he can then select us. When we give up control over our lives and allow him to work- as he wishes to- in us, we then begin to “make our calling and election sure.”

There’s good new’s, however. There is a purpose in the fire. Daniel 11: 32 -33 states that”… the people that do know their God SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS and they that understand among the people SHALL INSTRUCT MANY…!”

What a promise! If we will just let God have his perfect work in us, one day WE ALL will be like the early church- strong, doing exploits, and teaching a lost and dying world about the God who loves them so much! We may die in the process, but oh what a reward!

The next time you feel down in your trials, the next time the enemy of your soul tells you you’re not going to make it, remember:

You’re only being whitened and purified through the fire, becoming a servant fit for the master’s use!

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