Where Have I Been?

where have I been

Where Have I Been?

Well, in case there is ANYONE out there wondering where have I been or what has happened to me, my Internet has been down. But, we had a healing service at the house tonight and are back up and running.

I have been really preoccupied with life lately, so fixing it faster didn’t land high on my priority list. I did call the provider last night and after 20 minutes with an automated woman that I was hoarse from trying to communicate with, she hung up on me!!! I was incredulous!!

So, I took some NyQuil for my hacking cough (which may be why she couldn’t understand me) and I went to bed.

My life has been a little Topsy Turvey lately. Nothing too unusual for me, just my regular life on speed, I guess.

I have made some right turns on my walk, but, I have also made some WRONG turns. If God were like my GPS, He would be yelling “Turn Around When Possible!!”

Sometimes when I am cruising along I take a different path than my GPS tells me to and it has to reconfigure my route. Yea, that happens in my walk with God, too. He may be telling me to stay the course I am on, and I THINK I know a shortcut.

For a while He will still be trying to get me on the path that HE wants me to take, but after a while He reconfigures. But ALWAYS my choice of paths leads to detours through troubles and heartaches. And sometimes the bumps on the road can even cause me to break down.

My daughter and I were driving along one day listening to a CD when we heard this scary voice. We thought it was in the CD, so I started the song over and we turned it up. Sure enough, we heard it again.

Well, I was having none of that!! I started rebuking the devil! “If you’re in this car, you might as well get out, devil, cause I’m not putting up with you!!”

Things got quiet again as we rode a little further.

Suddenly, there it was AGAIN!! My daughter grabbed my arm in terror, when it hit me…

It was the *Crocodile Hunter* saying “RIGHT TURN AHEAD!”

Somehow my GPS had turned itself on, even though I had not used it in weeks!

And you know, sometimes we quit listening to the Lord when He is trying to direct us. We get so accustomed to tuning out His voice instead of tuning in that we don’t even recognize Him when He speaks.

But, I know the direction to take on the rocky road of my life….


On My Knees!!

That’s where He can speak to me, where I can hear Him, where I find MYSELF again and again and again.

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