What The World Is Waiting For

I love traveling by car.  You may not arrive at the destination as quickly, but the journey is a lot more interesting.  I enjoy traveling through quaint little out-of-the way towns.  You can find the most amazing lawn ornaments and view architecture born in the mind of the homeowner rather than the clean lines regurgitated by a computer program.  My favorite traveling “sport” is reading signs; road signs, business signs, town mottos and other signs unique to that specific community.  Years ago, while traveling in the south, we came upon a garage with a lean-to quick shop.  The hand painted sign proudly advertised, Tires and Boloney.

Most of my current travels have taken me down the interstate which can be long and boring.  The signs are usually advertising the restaurants, gas station or hotel available at the next exit.  If you can keep your eyes open, an interesting sign or two will suddenly appear over the horizon.  We were returning from a meeting in Kokomo, IN, when such a sign suddenly came into view.  The sign simply stated “WHAT THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR.”  We were speeding down I69 around Lansing so I have no idea what the sign was advertising or trying to say, but it stirred my imagination.

We live in such a turbulent time or as the Bible put it, a perilous time.  Mankind is in constant search for the next thrill, the latest gadget that will provide temporary pleasure, a new relationship or an unknown entity that will finally satisfy the longing deep inside.  I googled the phrase to see if the Internet contained some insight into What the World is Waiting For.  One blogger said “The World is waiting for American’s to take back America.”  Another blogger stated it had to be the Pastrami Burger from Carl, Jr’s.  A British group wrote a song about it, although they never answer the question.  I found that the world is waiting for Jennifer Morrison, a shipment of kissing unicorns, the sunrise, Obama, ourselves, and even YOU.  One website simply said, “The World is Waiting for the Answer.”

I believe the last statement is the reason for our endless searching; The World is Waiting for the Answer.   During the election we observed how desperate people are to find the answer.  Millions voted for President Obama in hopes that he could solve the problems of the world, but the world still waits.  Israel just installed Benjamin Netanyahu as the new Prime Minister, hoping for peace, but the world still waits.  The world leaders traveled to Europe this week to solve the world-wide economic crisis, but the world still waits.  The United States is sending more troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism, but the world still waits.  The world is waiting for a Messiah.

The answer to the economic crisis, the answer to peace of mind, the answer to true happiness, the answer to acceptance, or the answer to whatever you want to insert here is all found in Jesus Christ.  Galatians 4:4 informs us that “When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son.”  Jesus was what the world was waiting for.  Most of the world, then and now, fails to recognize that the Answer is right in front of their nose.  One more time, the “Fullness of Time” is about to occur; The Messiah is about to return, but only those who are looking for Him will recognize Him as The Answer.  Your search can end today; He is What The World Has Been Waiting For.


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