The Hope of the Weary

The Hope of the Weary

Over and over the scripture pulsates through my mind…like a beaconing light from a distant shore…be not weary in well doing…be not weary in well doing…be not weary in well doing…for in due season…in due season…we shall reap if we faint not. Each word springs out like an individual star shining in a midnight sky. BE not weary in well doing. BE…BE…BE…one of the verbs of being of which there are eight…be, being, been, is, was, were, are, and am…I AM…Jesus said he was THAT I AM…the I AM that spoke from the burning bush and hushed the four hundred year’s of tears of bondage. The I AM that spoke to the Pharisee’s reasoning hearts. The I AM that raised the dead, healed the lame, and opened the blinded eye. The same I AM that promised to be with us always, even unto the end of the world. The great I AM…He is not just an adjective of descriptive phrases, but he the verb of life and being. A God who is not passive but a God of action and omnipotence, glory, and power.

Be NOT WEARY in well doing. NOT…a negative adverb used to form structures indicating that something is to no degree or in no way the case or conveying the general notion “no.” It is often used to express refusal, denial, or the negation of a statement just made. WEARY…tired, especially in having run out of strength, patience, or endurance . Be NOT WEARY in well doing…yes…don’t get tired of doing right. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Don’t lose your patience and allow the flesh to dictate your ways. Don’t be enticed to take the path of least resistance. Eschew evil and run from it. Be not enticed of sinners or deceitful lusts, but hold fast to the Lord. For it is in my patience I am able to possess my soul. The ability to wait upon the Lord and His timing, because the Lord makes EVERYTHING beautiful in HIS TIME. As a marathon runner hits the high’s and low’s in every race, there comes a time when he hits the wall. A place where everything in his body says to quit. All energy in the muscles are zapped cleaned. All nutrients of energy have been depleted, and the fuel gage is below empty. This is where your vision is your only fuel. It is here where your vision must be tapped into. It is here where you find out what you are really made of and where you really stand. Will the mind overcome the matter or will the matter overcome your mind? Will the body bring your mind under subjection or will you raise up the determination and strength to bring your body under subjection to the will of your mind. Be NOT WEARY in well doing.

Be not weary in WELL DOING. One can get things done just to get them done or they can be accomplished with quality of effort. My coach used to tell us during practice that a ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. How you practice on the mat is how you will wrestle in a match. You can not be lazy in practice and expect perfection against your opponents. Learn and practice a move wrong in practice, then you will hit the move the same way in a match. Weariness causes laziness and slothful living. Weariness of the mind and spirit can create wrong ways of thinking. But there must be something within you that transcends the momentary feelings of weariness. WELL DOING brings right results. Anyone can be lazy. Anyone can get weary and quit. As a matter of fact, there are not too many people anymore who make it past their moment’s of weariness. Quitting is the easiest thing to do. Using weariness as an excuse not to do your best is an easy mind set to commit your ways too. But to continue to do well when everything is contrary, this is where life hangs in the balance. Here in this balance is that proverbial fork in the road. Give up or go forward. The whole world and many of your peers would give you the sympathetic pat on the back and say that they understand how you could not endure. But can you live with yourself? How many times have you quit too soon? How many times have you allowed the weariness of the moment too beat you down only to find out that your prize was just around the corner? If only you could have held on just a little longer your season would have come.

For in DUE SEASON…in DUE SEASON you shall reap if you faint not. To everything there is a season. A season to laugh and a season to cry. A season of peace and a season of war. Just as the season’s change from summer to fall to winter and back to spring again, so do the season’s of our lives. As we who are now adults have learned that we did not stay young. The season of our youth has long passed and we have traversed through different season’s of our lives. A season of singleness gave way to marriage. From being with no children to having children. Soon, the children will move on and our season will change. Within those season’s we have different trials and temptations, coupled with days in the valley and mountain top victories. Hopefully, with the passing of time, we have learned the law of the seasons. That in every situation of life…whether it be good or bad, in the valley or on the mountain top, rags or riches…it is but a season and it will come to pass. As the cold bleak days of winter give way to the colorful days of spring, rest assured that whatever season your life may be in…it is but a season. There is a harvest and the season will yield it’s fruit when it is rightfully due and then recycle itself again.

You shall REAP if you faint not…REAP…Be not deceived God is not mocked. What ever a man sow’s so shall he also reap. Every seed brings forth it’s own kind. A cherry seed will never produce an apple tree. It is programmed to only produce a cherry tree. I don’t care how much you wish it too be different or how much fertilizer you put on that seed. It will only produce what it was created to produce. When you sow sensual, carnal seeds of lusts upon the ground of your heart, these will NEVER produce good things in your life. How can they? Just as the cherry seed will only produce a cherry tree so it is the same with the thought seeds of our lives. Bad thoughts do not produce good thoughts. It doesn’t matter how much the world says differently. It doesn’t matter how much Hollywood tried to make evil look good and glorifies the life of the party, these seeds will only produce more evil. Here lies the scary part, that when the seed is planted it produces another plant just like itself, but within the makeup of that plant is the genetic code to survive and the only way too do this is too produce and abundance of seeds just like itself. One kernel seed of corn does not produce a cob bearing one seed on it, but it produces a cob with an abundance of seeds. So not only will evil thoughts (seeds) not be able to produce good thoughts, but they will exponentially reproduce themselves.

Herein lies the hope of the weary…be not weary in WELL DOING…it doesn’t matter if all the world is doing evil. It doesn’t matter if all your peers are living a life of drunkenness and debauchery. A day is coming where the seeds of well doing will bring forth a harvest…not of evil but of victory. Victory is the only thing that can spring up because well doing will never bring forth a harvest that is contrary to the seed. Though you may get tired and the plow becomes hard to push. The ground may get brittle at times and it is possible that all the good you seem to be doing looks for naught. Don’t faint. Don’t give up the fight. For in due season YOU shall reap if YOU faint not.

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