We’ll give this a try…

We'll try this now

We’ll give this a try…

I really enjoy writing and have had my articles published in different magazines (The Conqueror & IBC Perspectives). I thought I would try posting some articles and/or blogs on here and see what the response was. Hopefully, something I post will be a help to someone. I believe that God gives each of us talents, and I am attempting to use one He has given me – writing – to reach someone. I think it is important for believers to feel like they are part of a bigger picture, and the medium of the internet certainly affords us that. It gives us the ability to see there are many others out there, even far away, who believe in the same truths. Feel free to post your responses to my blogs or articles. You can also view my profile (Rachel Q) if you are a member of www.ea.10web.site.



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Rachel Quam

I am a person who is passionate about life and about my two young girls. I graduated from CLC in Stockton, CA in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies. I love photography, family, friends, reading, music, being near any body of water, and shopping and selling on Ebay, just to name a few things. Whatever I enjoy, I put my heart into. I don't believe in being half-hearted about anything. I live on the basis of this knowledge: that God alone holds the universe in the palm of His hand.