Praying For Our President

I watched, with pride, the swearing in of our 44th president.  I experienced pride in being a citizen of the greatest country on earth.  Pride in a country that allows each person’s voice to be heard in the form of a vote without coercion and fear.  Pride in the civility of the transfer of power from not only one person to another but from one party’s ideas to the opposing party.  I enjoy the pomp and circumstance.  I tear up at the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner.  I love the pageantry and symbolism at national events.  That was on Tuesday; on Wednesday the government gets back to business and the changes begin.

President Obama was not my candidate, but he is my president and I am commanded by God to pray for him and the rest of the government.  I refuse to follow the example set by the Democrats over the last 8 years.  I will not spew hate and disdain that was directed at President Bush every day of his presidency.  Although I am commanded to pray for him, I am not commanded to support his policies and ideas.  As long as his policies line up with the Word of God, I will defend them against criticism, however, when a Presidential Order or other edict is issued that undermines the moral authority established by God, there is no defense.

President Obama went to work yesterday to overturn many of the orders signed by his predecessor.  This is his right as president and most presidents do this on their first few days in office.  We need to examine the orders that have been overturned to determine the tone he has established for his administration.  For seven years, since 9/11, the United States has not experienced another terror attack on our soil.  This was due to President Bush’s aggressive war and policies on terror.  One of the first orders signed by President Obama is to close Gitmo and release terrorists into our state side prisons, giving them the same rights as American citizens.   These are the citizens whom the terrorists seek to annihilate.  There are other orders that have been overturned; making it more difficult to extract information from these same terrorists and gather intelligence from technology channels. Our image has become more important than our safety.

Another order that has been overturned is that of funding abortions in foreign countries.  No longer satisfied with killing the American unborn, our tax dollars will now go to kill foreign unborn.  Judgment cannot be far behind.  God has been long suffering but the day is coming when those who have ordered the slaughter of the innocent will be harshly dealt with.  President Obama’s signature on this document did not come as a surprise to America, it was promised during the campaign.  Those who voted for him, preferring their own selfish desire over the protection of life, are willing accomplices to these murders.

Yes, I will pray for our new president.  I will pray that before he makes too many more rash decisions that he will seek the Face of God, Godly counsel, and then prayerfully issue his orders.  I pray that there will be a real revival in America that will raise up Godly men and women that will stand for right in the face of adversity.  I pray that God will not lift his Hand of Blessing from American but that we will humble ourselves, pray and turn from our wicked ways.  Most of all I pray that we will all examine our hearts and remove anything that is not like God.  He is coming soon; we’ve got to be ready.


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