Used To


Used To

I was at lunch the other day enjoying good food and conversation with some friends. One of them was discussing what he was like before we knew him and made this statement: “I’m not what you are used to.” My mind began to reel! I wonder if Jesus said that: I can imagine him thinking that.

Think about it, Jesus steps on the scene of the Pharisees traditional religious world and begins to shake it up a little. He didn’t fast like they did. He did not get involved with all the ceremonial ritual that they had added to the Law. He did not like their fundraising programs of selling sacrifices in the temple. He was not into the trappings of office or position.

Nope, He was not what they were used to!

To the sinner, he was not judgmental or condemning. He ministered compassion and grace. He taught with an authority that was unheard of. He demonstrated a miraculous power that had never been seen before. He gathered little kids to him. He put others before himself. He hung out with the outcasts of society.

Definitely not what they were used to!

Then He turned His mission over to the church. They met house to house. Sold their material goods and gave to the poor. They kept much of their wealth in a community fund so all the needs would be met. They healed the sick, made the lame walk, cast out demons. Ministered to each other. Put others before themselves.

Just like Jesus, they were not what the world was used to.

The world is used to religious tradition and rituals. It is used for irrelevant church talk and programs. They are used to the inconsistency of the average Christians lifestyle. There is a certain stereotype they have come to expect from modern Christianity.

However, deep in their hearts, the people of this world are looking for something that they are not used to. They are desiring something different, something genuine, real.

So I have to ask myself:
“Are they used to me?”

Till next time -Martin


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