Time To Make A Change

make a change

Matt 24:7,8  7. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places.

8. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

I cannot think of a time when God has seemed closer than he does right now.  Tell you the truth its exciting as well as scary because I know what its going to take, but for those who are not ready for the Lord to come will perish likewise with their readiness.

Everybody is Christian now, nobody is a sinner and everybody is looking for the coming of Jesus.  Where are they looking though?  While the denominal world continues with their antics and watch a television instead of really for the coming of the Lord what will be our excuse?
We are Apostolic (Apostles Doctrine) and a lot of what we do is true enough in line with what the Apostles have done and taught through the power of the Holy Ghost, but we lack in an area.  The drums are being banged, the guitars played, the people dance, but we are still not shaken nor stirred or even awaken from our slumber.  God is closing in on us my people, and he has his eye on his bride who when he calls will be taken out of this world of pain into eternity.

Many are deceived because of this rapture deal.  What am I saying?  Do I not believe in the rapture?  No that’s not what I’m saying I know and believe it because its biblical but many deceive themselves because they think that the rapture will happen for them and they refuse to get beyond shouting and dancing and into the deep things of God.  He said he’s coming for those that are looking for his appearing.  I’m gonna put it the best way I can that I heard a Preacher put it.  Everyday we have a chance to be raptured, when Jesus appears in our services and the Spirit moves and those who claim the rapture they’re ready for don’t feel the Spirit move them or they are unmoved by it is the Holy Ghost saying, “You are not rapture ready”.  God gives us a chance to be rapture ready only difference is on the final rapture we will be eternally with Christ.

Am I saying two raptures?  No but I am saying we have to be ready to let God “rap” us up in his power even while we are in the flesh.  The world stumbles about in the dark looking for new ways to try and reach the Lord Jesus but he only left one way and we are the Church so therefore with that being said, God uses us to move others into the position where he can move upon them.  The things described above has already began to happen and God says its only the beginning of sorrows.  That means the pain has just begun.

Its time for us to make a change Church and become the church we are suppose to be because a great revival is coming and I intend to be apart of it.  We are his people we can do it, Jesus is coming back again and we don’t know when but he is.  He said, for us to be watchful to watch and pray so that means be vigilant and keep on looking.  Please people of God take to heart its time for us to awaken from our slumber and hearken to the cry of the Men of God and not just them but the signs of the times.


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