This Vessel


This Vessel

GOD, please don’t let me wash up on the shores of life dead don’t let me be stranded on the island of the lost don’t let me be lost in the storms of life don’t let me wander the seas of life with no direction don’t let me drop anchor in shallow waters don’t let me swim in infested waters lead me to the fish equip me with the compass of life help me uncover treasure let me discover new lands give me the right anchors when storms come let me have strength to overcome the pull of the seas this is your vessel just help me guide it.


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About the author

Erik Tibbets

I am 28 years old I am married with two beautiful children. I want to become an accomplished writer but more important than that I want to write the things that GOD wants to tell this world. I have a wonderful pastor and church. My wife is my love and her ministry couples with mine.