The Right Now is less important than the future

The Right Now is less important than the future

The Right Now is less important than the future

We tend to be always looking for immediate satisfaction. Fast food, drive-through pharmacy, instant messaging, email, texting…its all on the “right now”. But what about the future. If we live for immediate gratification what repercussions for the future will we have? Many things we do are for the future. Simple tasks like brushing your teeth to prevent tooth decay in the future, you go on diets so you can lose weight at some point in the future to prevent heart disease and other weight-related problems. We send our children to school so they can grow up and become something great and wonderful. These things are not done for the “right now” (except the tooth brushing does help with stinky breath ). It is to do with the future.

When we are in a trial; we want out of it. We tend to dwell on what surrounds us at that time. We want to overcome and get out of it as soon as we can. But we should look at what God has for us in that dark time. He wants us to take something from it to use in the future. If we are in some hurry to get out, we may not pick up what God wants us to. So He may send us right back in to get what He sent us in there for the first time. If you go to the store to pick up some items and you are on a tight time schedule, you may hurry to get out of the store. You get home to start making dinner and realize you forgot something very imperative that you needed for dinner. Therefore you have 2 options: Cook something else (not planned circumstances, maybe not the will of God), or go back to the store and get your important item. (If you are lucky enough, you could call someone else and have them pick it up for you, but in my blog..right now…that is not an option. Don’t send anyone else into your trial to get what you should have gotten 🙂 )

The reason for these trials is to teach us something. Or to do something important for us to be able to be or do something for God in the future. God loves us very much. He loves us so much He died on a cross for the remission of our sins. He does not want His children to suffer. So if you are suffering in a trial right now…think of how important this “item” is that you need to get. If our loving God is going to allow us to suffer it is for a very good reason. The quicker we get our “item” the quicker we can leave the store. Pray, read Gods word to find your item, so you can move on to making dinner or dessert!

We need to stop looking at the surrounding circumstances and look toward the future. What I do now will impact my future. It will also impact the futures of those that surround me. God planned for me to cook this for dinner, if I don’t get all the ingredients along with my shopping trip, I may distort or change what is for dinner.

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