The Land of the Free

The Land of the Free

The Land of the Free

Written By Diana Marie Alvarez

The irrefutable declaration to the world was announced

A call to fight for a cause yet ready to be elucidated

With pride a young fatigue-clad soldier pledged to fight

Stood with Teutonic grace upon his weight

He boarded his plane; a metamorphosis took place

A quest – a mission in his heart he would embrace

Bound for unknown lands to beat any unbeatable foe

What steep incline lie ahead? Expectations so deceitful?

Boot camp so grueling, exhausting, emotionally accelerating

Discipline, a daily lesson the sergeant taught drilling

The very whisper of immunity drilled into every fiber

Duty, honor, and courage made clear to each new soldier

Trampling over the foreign soil; to him a fear so paralyzing!

Screams, crying, rifles firing, aircraft soaring, and bombs blaring

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” he uttered

Passing trenches filled with human sacrifices, his nostrils saturated

As transitory days unfolded like an earthquake tremble; unpredictable

Scrupulous humans of invincible determination marched hopeful

Temptation to question his duty, honor, and country oppressed his soul

He watched helplessly his friends and foes whisper a hope; their spirits let go

A heart callused, conscience seared, shouting, “God, where are you?”

Fields of confusion, anger, hatred, and revenge; it was wrong, he knew

Delirious by the terror of flight and the gloom of the grave

Who here to witness the patriotic self-abnegation of a soul so brave?

To fight this war was honorable he was told; surrendering, forbidden

Asking himself, “Is the honor and purpose in all this hidden?”

Weeping upon pictures of the faces of his own seed and wife

Suddenly he was reminded of the true purpose of life

Destiny in hands like his made him custodian of his Nation’s defense

To stand for dignity, liberty, and freedom only others would witness

Remembering those who lay in marked graves with white crosses

Newfound courage swelled within to fight for future masses

No one – no human race will take that which belonged to one!

With enduring fortitude, he picked up his rifle; there was a battle to be won

For all humans had the right to choose, the right to be,

The right to believe and live in the land of the free.


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