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Diana Alvarez

I was the chief editor for children's Sunday School curriculum for five years for our Assembly. I have written children's and personal experience stories, poems, and songs. I raised a Pastor's Kid and married one. For the last 15 years I have worked with English Learners and special ed students. I have a masters in special education. Last December I celebrated 25 years of marriage. We have been blessed with 4 children - all of whom are enrolled in the same university. Thank you


The Land of the Free

By Diana Alvarez / 8 months ago

The Land of the Free Written By Diana Marie Alvarez The irrefutable declaration to the world was announced A call to fight for a cause yet ready to be elucidated With pride a young fatigue-clad soldier pledged to fight Stood with Teutonic grace upon his weight He boarded his plane; a metamorphosis took place A […]


Beyond The Collision

By Diana Alvarez / last year

Beyond The Collision A True Story! It was another typical early Sunday morning – or so I thought. I was driving down a two-lane highway on my way to a women’s activity at church. Driving alone gave me precious time to meditate and reflect. Although alert to my surroundings, my thoughts were of various friends. […]


Our Uninvited Evil Guest

By Diana Alvarez / a couple of years ago

Fear gripped our house at midnight. It was a Friday night not like any other Friday night. Our college bound children had informed us prior that we were to provide shelter to six youth-aged visitors they were bringing home. My husband and I agreed that we could easily accommodate them, and that was what we […]