The Greatest People In The World


Have you ever wondered how “the other half” lives, wished your home, car or other possession was like a friend’s or desired any life but your own?  We have all allowed our minds to explore the world of, “What if?”  I have discovered in the last few months that the best life is the one I am living because as I submit to God, it is the one He created just for me.  I have also found that the best church is the one God has placed me in and the greatest people in the world are those in my sphere of influence.

God has placed Steve and me in Saginaw, MI.  It may not be the “armpit” of the nation, but it is far from the most desirable city in Michigan, let alone the United States.  Jobs are disappearing, homes stand vacant, awaiting foreclosure, and at least once a week the news reports another shooting victim.  Poverty and hopelessness are on the rise, yet I see a beautiful city of great opportunity full of people with a great need for the revelation of Jesus Christ.  He has called us to pastor a small church.  Let me define small; 3 people besides Steve and I.  Small; yes, but, he has placed the 3 Greatest People In the World in our congregation.

These are the people we have shed tears for, prayed over, rejoiced with, shared our heart and together celebrated each victory.  Watching the spiritual growth in each one over the past year has been one of our greatest joys.  God has used them at a moment of discouragement to call or email a testimony of encouragement.  God has caused His love for them to be transplanted into our hearts; they have become part of our family. 

As you travel down the darkened streets and peer into the warm light of a neighbor’s window, don’t forget that behind the light are trials and challenges that you cannot even imagine.  The best home in the world is the cheery little house down the road that you call home.  The church across town may have a great choir and thousands of members, but the best church in the world is the church where the pastor feeds you the Word of God and you can experience the Presence of God every week.  Since time began and in the entire universe, God chose to place you in this place, on this date, with these people to live with, love and influence for Him. Remember, you are surrounded by the Greatest People in the World.

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