Teach Me Lord

Teach Me Lord

Teach me to pray and seek you; teach me to listen to you Lord.

Teach me to know thy ways; teach me to praise and worship you.

Give me a song to sing.

Teach me to be still and know; Teach me to see you Give me ears to hear your voice.

Teach me to honor and obey, teach me right from wrong.

Teach me to love; give me a desire to study and know your words.

Teach me to be a peacemaker, teach me temperance and meekness.

Teach me commitment and loyalty.

Teach me to be happy and teach me endurance in sorrow.

Teach me patience, and to walk by faith

Give me hope and teach me to be thankful

Teach me to give and how to reserve.

Teach me repentance, teach me to forgive

Teach me how to fish and to be a witness.

Teach me how to live and how to die.

Author: Irene Oliver

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