Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Ok, so I know we are teetering on the edge of summer, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I have some major junk I need to get rid of.

I have always been a pack rat, of sorts. When I was little I kept things that no one else would probably keep, things that meant something to me, for whatever reason. But, as I have gotten older I have found a distinct need to de-clutter my life.

And I know where it comes from. BUSY…

It seems my life is a never-ending round of circumstances that keep me forever twirling on the edge of the abyss of insanity…

Well, maybe not insanity in the traditional form…not hearing any voices in my head or seeing spiders or dogs, as it may be, coming out of my walls, but more the kind where I sometimes feel on the brink of twirling myself into nothingness.

So I dream of a week where I have nothing better to do but clean out the things in this house that have accumulated over the last 10 years, things that are of no use to me anymore, that are only taking up space that could be better used for another purpose.

In doing that, I need to sit down and evaluate. What is important to me now? What do I still need and what can I do without?

And I then imagine what I could do with all the space I will create…..aaahhhhh, how nice it will be.

What about the junk? A yard sale!!! There are so many things we need for the church here in Douglas. A new keyboard so I can have one to practice on here at home…a platform…a van…
*if I have enough junk to buy a van, though, that would be truly sad*

I can take this stuff that is doing nothing and turn it into something useful. What a concept!!

I also find that I need to do this with my spiritual life. Stuff has gotten in my way, stuff that is not really productive, and it is keeping me from reaching my potential.

I need to spring clean the closet of my heart, empty out that space that I need to be fully focused on the true task at hand…serving Him, reaching the lost, making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

In this whirly twirly life that I lead there has to be a place of balance, a place that gives me strength and helps me to stay focused. Maybe I can transform some of my new house space into my space of refuge, a special meeting place for me and my Dearest Friend that is void of all the clutter that life brings…

This is a thought!!

Oh, well…I have postponed enough. I’m off to clean, yippee!! But first, I have Someone to visit, Someone I have not spent nearly enough time with lately….yet He is there, waiting for me, loving me in spite of myself.

Hello, my Dear, Sweet Friend, my Lord, my Love, my God. Do You have time for a nice visit today??

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