Speak Today

speak today

Speak Today

You passed me today,
On your way somewhere.
You noticed I was hurting.
You were touched by my despair.

I saw you pause and look my way.
I could see you hesitate.
But you walked on without a word;
A busy day, no time to wait.

If only you knew what you’d have meant,
What a difference you might have made.
I’m certain you would have spoken to me.
I’m sure you would have stayed.

I would have gone to church with you.
I would have loved His Name.
He could have been my Master too.
You and I could be the same.

But you walked on, the moment past.
For me, it’s now too late.
Alone tonight, I took my life;
My soul has met its fate.

For you, tomorrow’s sun will rise
And somewhere in your day
You will get another chance
Those words of hope to say.

This time don’t you dare think twice!
Tomorrow doesn’t delay.
Speak those words of hope and life –
Don’t regret what you didn’t say.



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