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Have you ever been accused of being “defensive?”  It seems that if one person makes a statement that violates your beliefs or values and you try to explain what you really believe or why that has become your core belief, the immediate response is, “Why are you being defensive?”  My response is Offenses always make one Defensive.  The dictionary defines Defensive as, “a position or attitude of defense.”  Defense is defined as, “the defending of a cause or the like by speech,” or in my case, writing.

When my boys were at home, we welcomed everyone to enjoy freedom of speech in our home, with one stipulation; “If you felt the need to make a statement, be prepared to defend it.”  Of course, as Mom, my defense at times consisted of, “Because I said so!” or “As a woman, I am entitled to think that!”  These statements of course were only applied to the difficult teenage years and not philosophical thought.  Because we encouraged critical thinking, my children excelled in high school and college and have developed strong core beliefs that they are well able to defend.  Our family “discussions” scared off or “weeded out” many girlfriends, but I am happy that our boys married strong women who are not afraid to have opinions regarding a variety of subjects.

What does the Bible have to say about the subject?  I have heard statements such as, “The Word of God or God Himself does not need defending.”  Are we supposed to keep silent and let the Bible speak for itself?  Can it speak if it is not read?  Can they hear without a preacher?  Peter addresses this subject with this statement, “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”  1 Peter 3:15 (NKJV)

There is a growing movement in the world of inclusion.  I am inclusive in as much as I acknowledge that you may not think like me, have different opinions and value systems.  I do not believe that inclusiveness means that I must entertain all opinions as equal in truth and incorporate all thought into my World View.  We live in the United States where according to our Constitution; we still have freedom of speech.  I respect that Right and agree that extends to our Beliefs.  I also believe that Right covers Christians and our right to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following is a defense written by my oldest son, Steven in response to many emails and discussions he has had on this subject.

In response to a message that I forwarded to some friends and family, that was subsequently forwarded to others, there has been an incredible and offensive backlash.  This response has accused Christians of many things, including hatred, intolerance, and bigotry.  I have ignored these charges as long as God would allow, but now I must respond with an attempt at very clear, straightforward language.

It is vitally important that we understand Christianity, so that we can put up a defense against those who, though not trusting in Christ, would tell us how “true Christians” should respond to the world.  Satan is the great accuser, so where do you think the accusations of hatred, intolerance, and bigotry are rooted?  Would Satan not love for Christians to begin to tolerate corruption of God’s Word and to encourage sin in the world?


This is at the heart of Christianity (nutshell version):


God loves all of His creation and as a result has made a way (through Jesus Christ) to restore the fallen and sinful race of mankind to communion with God, but that perfect love does not override His justice which requires those who reject His salvation (Jesus Christ) to be punished for the sin of pride which seeks to usurp God’s throne.


Christians believe that the Bible was written by God, through men (not by men).  As such, it is non-negotiable, timeless, and absolute.  As Christians, what must we believe?  The answer is clear….we must believe what the Bible tells us.  It is NOT our prerogative what we choose to believe and disregard from the Bible.


First principle:

Man’s need for redemption.  Romans 3:20-26; All have sinned, falling short of the glory of God.  None are worthy, all are corrupt, and as a result there is nothing that we can bring to God, no deed we can perform, and no amount of good that can be done on our part in order to rectify our fallen nature.  As we are corrupt in our nature (our lusts and desires), everything that comes from us, including all deeds and works, are corrupt by nature.   Matthew 7:18 tells us that “neither can good fruit come from a corrupt tree”.  The only way to receive redemption from our fallen nature is to allow God to impart His incorruptible nature to us.  This does not mean that we are perfect in action or attitude, but that we accept the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ and allow His Spirit to change us, bringing us unto perfection.


Second principle:

Acts 10:34; God is no respecter of persons, therefore there cannot be different paths for different people.  Ephesians 4:4-6; one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one baptism, one God and Father of all.  There is one, not several.  Matthew 7:13-14; the path to salvation is narrow, not wide.  John 14:6;  Jesus makes it clear that He is the way, the truth, and the life…the only way.  Acts 4:12; “There is one name given under heaven whereby all men must be saved.”  When read in context, it is clear that the name is Jesus.  Jesus said, the Bible teaches, and Christianity believes that there is one way to redemption and it is through the blood of Jesus Christ, whereby we come to God, submit our will, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform us into the image of Christ.


Third principle:

Man needs redemption and Jesus Christ is the only way, therefore, if one does not identify with Jesus Christ in His sacrifice for our sins, one cannot be saved from the punishment that awaits all corruption.  A Christian, while not hating those of differing viewpoints and beliefs, cannot embrace other faiths that deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and deny the need for His redemptive sacrifice to be applied to our lives.  Those faiths are corrupt at their nature and cannot be true or valid.


There is no faith equal to Christianity because all other faiths reject Jesus as God Himself and reject His salvation.  The end road of this lack of belief (and resultant acceptance of salvation) is Judgment and everlasting separation from God.


Why do I write these things?  There is an emerging trend in the world toward religious inclusion and universal validity of faith.  This is nonsense and the Christian church must not accept this corruption of God’s Word and His Truth.


This is not hatred, it is fact.  The heart of the Christian does not look at the world and hope for judgment, we instead hope for revelation and salvation to come to the lost.  Just as God so loved the world, so does the heart of Christ in us cry out in desperation that the world is missing out on so great a salvation.  Often people are missing out on a relationship with Jesus Christ simply because we don’t want to offend someone else’s misguided beliefs.  We do not further the Gospel by compromising the Word of God and marrying Truth with deceit.


The expectation is being put upon Christians to accept the world so that we can all be happy and all get along.  Matthew 10:34-35 is clear that Jesus did not come to bring peace and a “kumbaya” attitude into the world.  He came to bring Truth and that Truth will be a division between those who embrace it and those who reject it.  We must stand up for the Truth even when people don’t like it.  Those people may be friends, family, or strangers, but we must stand regardless.


As I have mentioned, the charge of hatred, intolerance, bigotry has been brought in recent days.  When you look at the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, it is the farthest thing from hatred and bigotry, though it is intolerant.  In order to express love, we must be intolerant of falsehood.  Standing on the Truth of God is the deepest love that we could show the world because it is the only way for mankind to be saved.  Indifference to the falsehood being thrown around would be the essence of hatred…it would be to disregard the everlasting consequences of man’s sinful actions.  By standing up for the Truth of God (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) we are displaying our love for the lost souls we see everywhere.  We must stand firm, or more souls will perish without hope of redemption.  There is no bigotry in this display of love…all are welcome to partake of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

In the last day, only Truth will stand.  Jesus will either know you or He won’t.  The consequences are clear for either one:  Heaven for those who take on His salvation and have a relationship with Him, and everlasting punishment and separation for those who have not.  This unfortunately includes the Muslim world, the Hindu world, the Buddhist world, and the followers of every other religion in the world.

Christians, let us be clear:  we do not serve the same God as any other religion.  Our God has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ.  Acceptance of this is absolutely necessary.  Any religion that denies this fundamental truth cannot possibly serve our God.  They are rejecting Him and His incredible expression of love.

This presentation is in no way a complete defense of Christianity and all of our beliefs…I simply don’t have the time.  However, I pray that it has strengthened your resolve to stand up for the Truth, to never be swayed by vain philosophies of man, and to daily renew your relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a mom, I am so proud of my boys and the men they have become.  As their “sister in Christ”, however, I am so thankful for their strong belief in the gospel and their thoughtful defense of the same.  Jesus is coming soon and Satan is out to steal everything we hold dear.  We must fight for truth and always be ready to “give a defense.”


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