Prayer for Revival

pray for revival

I pray for revival among Your people starting with me. Restore me Lord and wake me from my complacency so that I can spread Your great news of salvation for all.

I humbly ask Lord that You soften the hearts of Your people so they will freely yield to Your will and not be a hindrance as you preside over Your church and take charge completely.

I pray Lord that as You clearly reveal Yourself, show mercy and compassion as You demonstrate Your overwhelming power and authority.

Lead us, direct us, and teach us to intercede through prayer so that we can be used to rekindle the flame that is nearly extinguished among the people that were given to You. Revive too, the hearts of those who have turned their back on You and are no longer bearing fruit, and those who are in darkness and don’t know of Your loving kindness and mercy.

Revive Your work so that this generation and generations to come will see Your mighty and awesome ways and freely call upon Your name and rejoice in You.

This I pray in Your precious Son’s name, Amen.


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