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How the Littlest Angel turned Sobbing into Joy!

By Debra Jones / 8 months ago

By: Debra Hearn Jones 12-24-09 The Lord God Almighty stood before his angels, looking intently at the human race. God’s voice roared announcing to his Warrior Angels he had a very important mission for them, that they were to descend upon the earth and find all the prayers of his faithful servants, who praised and […]


Prayer for Lost!

By Debra Jones / 9 months ago

Prayer for Lost! I pray God for protection for our church, families, and friends. My father lets those who are tired come to you, the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, and the hopeless. I have heard it said that you love these people and you walk among them and save those who are crushed in […]


Prayer For All Needs

By Phyllis Corbin / 3 years ago

Prayer For All Needs Abba Father I come now in the name of Christ Jesus, I humble my heart and I command my will to align with Your will and my mind I gird up and I come to You my source. I love You Father and I trust You and more than anything I […]