”Picture Perfect”

picture perfect

”Picture Perfect”

Even though we may have a great devotional time with the Lord in the morning, it can be so easy to “forget” Him as we all are challenged throughout the day with our jobs, our chores, and the everyday cares that happen during the day. But, just as we cherish and display old photos and memorabilia around the house, and in our office space at work, these remind us of important people in our lives, special events, special moments that we will cherish for a long time. We can and will recall all those cherished moments. I love my pictures of my family, close friends, and special times I have spent with them. It brings to my heart so much joy when I look at them. Most people cherish and display old photos and memorabilia around the house to remind them of special people in their lives, so do I! Some of the pictures and keepsakes are all I have left of a passing parent, loved one, or a close friend.  On Thursday morning about three and half years ago, I visited an elderly friend of mine, Mrs. Looney, which her children, grandchildren, and friends call her Maw; she was a resident in the Carrington Nursing home facility in Wytheville, Virginia. On Thursday morning, I got a lot of pictures together and went to see Maw in the nursing home; I took pictures with me of special times with my family and my church family.  After she ate her breakfast and drank her coffee, I wheeled her to the window.  The sun was so bright and warm; I grabbed my bag, and we began to look at the pictures. It was so good to see her smiling face and hear her say, “Lenny you are my friend.” The moments I spent with her I will always treasure. I think about those times a lot, they warm my heart so much.  Quite often I write a scripture down from my morning devotion and then put it in my pocket. During the course of the day; I reach my hand in and out of that pocket; to grab my phone that is ringing, or to get my keys out or to grab a cinnamon hard candy or a piece of gum. I feel that piece of paper and I open it up; amazingly that is the scripture I had written down early that morning after reading my Bible and enjoying my cup of fresh coffee. By reading it every time my hand goes in the pocket I will have that scripture memorized by the course of the day. The only way that I can find to fight against the enemy is the Word of God. This is one habit that helps me do just that. Stay Encouraged!

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