Pearls For Him

Pearls for Him

Pearls for Him

I know you have heard the story about how a pearl is created by one tiny sand particle rubbing the inside of the oyster to create this beautiful thing, but I have a new spin on it. Our lives are like the oyster shell, when we have friction rubbing in us we create pearls …here’s the new part, I have heard that said many times, but I have often wondered why do we create pearls? This is what I think, trials come our way to bring about these beautiful pearls in us for God. The Bible says we will cast our crowns before His feet..well the pearls are in our crowns so we take what was created for us and give it back to Him! That is how Jesus gets the glory for our trials!!

I hope I’m making sense here, just remember trials come our way to bring more beauty into our lives so He who is worthy receives the glory He deserves!

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