Oh My, I’m Sorry!


Psa 38:4  My sins have gone over my head; they are like a great weight more than I can bare. My wounds are poisoned and evil-smelling, because of my foolish behaviour. I am troubled, I am made low; I go weeping all the day. Even my bones are in pain, and my sins are so heavy that I am crushed. 
Because of my foolishness, I am covered with sores that stink and spread. Because of my sins, sickness is my companion, and no friends or neighbors will come near me. All who want me dead set traps to catch me, and those who want to harm and destroy me plan and plot all day against me. For I said, Hear me me, lest otherwise they should rejoice over me: when my foot slippeth, they magnify themselves against me. For I am ready to halt, and my sorrow is continually before me. For I will declare mine iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin. Many deadly and powerful enemies hate me,  and they repay evil for good because I try to do what is right. You are the LORD God! You will stay nearby and not desert me. You are the one who saves me. Please hurry and help me.

Ever felt that way?
Ever felt like God was so far away and his punishment was so heavy on you?  His ears so quiet?  Ever feel like you had everyone against you? You can’t sleep, can’t think, can’t rest, cried so much you feel like an empty well and thirst for water unquenchable?  Ever feel like no matter how hard you try to do right, act right, speak right, live right,  Mr. wrong is still your companion? People still judge and condemn you? God still refuses to hear you?  Help you? Heal you? Is God wrong? Or could it just be that I missed something in that verse God has given me?

Lets read it again, especially the part about “I WILL BE SORRY FOR MY SINS. Perhaps too many times we are sorry for our sins? Sorry we got caught? Sorry it embarrasses or shames us? Sorry it will cost us? Not sorry it hurt someone else? Hurt OUR God? Not sorry it will effect others for bad? Not sorry we let God down? Not sorry we set a bad example? Not sorry sin means I have rejected the SON? Sorry for not accepting I solely am responsible for my sins? Not her, him, mama, papa or grandpa, not my employer, not my teachers, not my friends, not my background, not the devil behind them but ME!
Sorry I didn’t realize sooner choosing sin is a choice! And so is choosing the Son!



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