My Love Affair

A Love Affair

My Love Affair

NOW FOR THE STORY: For Gomer life was routine it was one trick or guy after another, her lovers by day and her drinks by night.

Her lovers, as usual, used her only for their own gratification and never acknowledged her own needs?

Her drinks by night were more medicinal than social for they serve to numb her conscience from her shame and humiliating profession and her lonely presence.

Oh, but how she often dreamed of a day when her knight in shining armor would come into her life and take her away from her misery and shame, her loneliness and despair.

From shamelessness to joyfulness, from the darkness of sin to the light of the Son, oh just a dream… But oh what a dream, a dream of real love… After all, some dreams do come true. Don’t they?

Then one day she met a young man names Hosea, strange thing was all he ever wanted from her? Was her conversation, so they talked and talked, he paid and he paid time and time again.

At first, she mocked him and laughed at him, she bragged to the other girls he’s so easy, such a fool. I’m just using him for his money if he only knew?

But as time passed something happened she seems to grow to like his presence and even began to miss him, she loved his songs as he would sing to her.

She admired and began to look forward to his visits and to when he would read his love letters to her! She loved to read them over and over.

All 66 of them it was then that she realized that she was in love! This was a love affair!

Her love affair, eventually Hosea asked her hand in marriage, she was elated, oh yes my love I will, take me away from this.. she pleaded…

Somehow as the days became weeks and the weeks became months, and the months became years. She grew tired of his presence, tired of his songs, tired of his love letters.

And so it started with a little fling? First, it was the servant boy? Then it was the delivery man, next it was the blacksmith down the road.

It ended or rather took off with the stable owner at the end of the town, then she left town following after flagons of wine and various lovers seeking who knows what? For she already had it all!

When she left it was the dawn of a new day, as she left she could hear her children cry for her attention.

But she never even looked back to acknowledge them, no remorse, no regrets, or so it looked that way…

(the devil is so deceptive so cruel, so unconcerned… But then again that’s his business destroying lives, wrecking marriages, and breaking up families but don’t we know this already?)

‘” for the devil cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you might have life and have life more abundantly “ John 10:10

Poor Hosea never KNEW what hit him he was devastated even though he had long sensed that she was fading away it made him try harder to keep her but to no avail.

Oh, how he now missed her, as the days became weeks the weeks became months, the months years. Hosea searched and searched for his bride, his love! And when he finally found her he pleaded and pleaded for her to come home but to no avail.

Rejected and spurned he returned home empty and broken, oh what a love affair?

He lost contact with her after a while.. then months many months later news was out.

Gomer was back in town, she was to be auctioned off on the auction block, indebted she became slave property and would be sold to pay off the debt.

So Hosea with his hopes up, gathered his children or rather her children?

He always knew they were the result of her various flings?

Though he never said anything, after all, he loved her how could he not love them too.

Come children were going after your mommy, to see her, As they exclaimed oh really daddy?

Will she come home with us, please, please… Shall we see MY CHILDREN?

Finally, at the auction block they arrive, Gomer is mocked! His heart is breaking, as she is ridiculed. There she is her hair all matted, clothes disheveled and torn, her body crippled and worn, no doubt ravaged by some form of a sexual disease she’s a mess!

As the auctioneer steps up to announce her starting bid, Hosea cries please please don’t anybody bid against me, cause that’s my bride can’t you see I love her! Oh please don’t dare bid against me!

As the crowd laughs, Somebody yells don’t anybody want Gomer, Hosea she’s a slut.

“We hope somebody will buy her and take her far away! That o sleaze! She ain’t no good for nothing, not even a fling?

Then the auctioneer bids who’ll give me one? Who’ll give me two? Can I get three? And eventually, Hosea buys her back for just 15 pieces of silver, and an omer of barley. ( just half the price of your common run of the mill slave or animal) and oddly enough barley is not even considered edible for humans. Usually only for the animals and the poorest of the poor, so Hosea takes Gomer home and the love affair begins a new.

NOTICE: He takes no conjugal rights, right away? And by that what he was saying was” I take and purchase you Gomer not for my personal needs or pleasure but for you to gain, what you need. “freedom and salvation” not out of selfishness but selflessness, this was his love affair!

Ever notice the difference between a fling and a love affair?

In the world a fling is when u go out with someone, dine, date, hold hands, etc maybe even sneak in a kiss or two?

Then you go home or about your business and u never see that person again nor think of them much?

It’s no big deal “ wham bam thank u mam” with a fling there is no real sincerity or respect for the other person needs, only yours?

In the Church, a fling is: when u come to Church only part-time like Sundays or Wednesday? Oh yeah, sometimes u pray, dance, weep, shout, sing, and get blessed! Healed, or touched by the power of God, then u go home and forget about God the rest of the week.

Or at least till Sunday comes around, a fling is when u read ur bible or pray out of

obligation, ritual or routine?

When ur no longer excited but bored in Church, service to u is not exciting, its

dead, you’re just there to be saved?

A fling is when ur always watching the clock when his songs no longer thrill u nor move u, and his word no longer instructs nor encourages you.

When his presence no longer captivates you nor affects you?

When his bed of promises no longer inspires you or allures you…

But a love affair is: when his songs and his joy moves you when they stir something inside of you. When ur not ashamed to worship, to praise, to dance, to shout the victory!

To sing the praises of God! When joy bubbles out of you and within you, when u cant sit still, you cant stay shut.

You’ve got to move and worship him, shout, dance, praise when his presence does captivate you.

It holds you in awe and splendor when u cant get away from thoughts of him and his goodness. When you cannot put the bible down, can’t stop praying? (yeah ever been there?)

When u push away the food, and the sleep, you don’t dare care about the clock or time because of you’re with the one who inhabits eternity.

Where time has no end nor beginning, its when he tells u when ur through praying, fasting, reading etc?

Its when his word is no longer boring, dull or unexciting, but it thrills you.

It comes alive within you, it encourages and inspires you, burdens you.

When the word is free to roam ur heart, free to correct you, now this.. is a love affair!

So you see its because this love affair that you can rise again, u can get back up after a fall.

A love affair is when one may not be perfect but there’s still love for them in one’s heart.

Its when he can step into your dungeon of despair, and into your prison of poverty, and bring healing. After you’ve made a mistake he’s right there to pick u up! Brush u off, soothe your wounds, and place you back in a relationship with him…

But the significance of this love affair is not what I do (sin) but what he does or did? (died for me, and forgave me) WHEN the world and sin put him on the auction block and cried crucify him!

Was no one willing to pay the price? His price, his cost, no one dared bid on his behalf!

All abandoned him, all forsook him, even mocked him and ridiculed him.

But he still went on to pay the price for us, for Jesus paid the price to purchase our salvation with the shedding of his blood

notice: in Chapter 2  Vs. 14, “ for without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins

Perhaps it is in our wilderness experience, that is the only time God can speak to us? comfort us?

Closing: look at what he went thru on the auction block of sin.

Watch as he is severely beaten with a razor sharp instrument, his body was cut into strips, his nose broken, jaw fractured, face marred beyond recognition.

His beard savagely plucked a cruel crown of razor-sharp thorns beaten into his scalp.

His ribs cracked, causing him to suffer severe abdominal cramps along with intense migraine headaches.

This is aggravated by an unquenchable thirst and hunger, followed by tense pressure on the blood vessels causing a pericardial effusion.

This topped with more unbearable fever, chills and cramps, his body convulses and loses bowel control and consequently feces and urine run down his body and into the open and festering wounds.  Yes, it’s a messy sight, but there’s still more to come.

While the fever and cramps pick up a more hectic pace? The rusted nails cause even more excruciating pain having been placed upon the mete-torso area of the bone. (which is the most delicate and pain-sensitive area of the body. )

So there he is; his joints now out of place, as he hangs on his cross.

A cross on which he was naked before the world exposed for all to see, this is his auction block! And while the world mocked him amazingly he was still in his fathers business?

His fathers desire? His fathers love? Saving a soul, while in his own pain, suffering, agony, and misery.

Still reaching for one more soul, and a thief at that! On his right side, not the wrong side?

Could anything be more profound, inspiring or saddening?

Hey, the world put Jesus on the auction block and rejected him, and it will do the same with you.

Mark it down, when it’s thru with you, it will spit and spew you out!

Like garbage, like an unwanted baby? It’ll mock and ridicule you. You see this world never shows you the gutter only the glitter.

It never shows you:

The little boy or girl: who is being abused, neglected, rejected and molested!

By a stranger, friend or family member?

Never shows you their hurt, their pain, their fear, their hopelessness…

The Morgue: where lies the body of an innocent victim killed in a drive-by or a hit and run, by a drunken driver? or drug overdose.

Never shows u their families pain and grief?

The aids victim: as he/she lies in a hospital bed dying in intense pain and agony, while nothing can be done to alleviate their pain and suffering!

Never shows u their shame, confusion, emptiness, and misery…

The fragile innocent infant: as it is literally cruelly and inhumanely sucked and sliced from the once safe surroundings of its mother’s womb?

The mother a confused hurting woman who will carry the scars and devastating memory of that abortion to her grave, for a lifetime?

No, it never shows you her confusion, hurt, condemnation, despair and emptiness. Nor her loneliness, nor the pain of that precious child so innocent, so gentle, so fragile, so valuable! so loved if not by her surely by God!

1.Perhaps today you fill the world or someone has put you on the auction block?  Used you up like some cheap piece of meat? Some cheap thrill, and now it taunts you, mocks you, shun you like a leper, hates you and leaves you feeling empty…

2. Or perhaps you feel like the Church or someone in the church has put you on the auction block?

Used you for your talents, money, time, prayers, friendship? Are you feeling unwanted? unrecognized? rejected? Relegated to the back pew or choir loft?

Just another saint in the church?

3. Hey, feel like God has put u on the auction block? Feel like it’s a lowly lonely valley your walking thru?

Maybe a dry desert, maybe God is showing you that when nobody else will care.

Will come to your rescue, will want you, he’s saying hey I’ll take you!

I’ll love you, I’ll bid for you, I’ll care, you’re my bride! My pride and joy!

“ for I care for you” “ for this cause was I born..”

Can you hear the world or Satan as it auctions you off, listen as it says who’ll give me one? Who’ll give me two?

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