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I live in the Bible belt and have now for 10 years.  I have found out through my experiences while living here, that people genuinely do love the Lord and do pray to Him.   I wrote this sermon in hopes that if I ever get the opportunity to speak to everyone irregardless of their denomination or religious beliefs that they can all see the power of unity.  Jesus prayed that we might all be one.  So this tells me that even in the Bible the Sadducees and Phairsees and the Disciples and Apostles could not all agree.  We must stop looking at our differences and start focusing fully on Jesus.  As we seek to draw closer to Him – He can work out the differences in our lives.
Here is the sermon.  I tried submitting it as an article, but it really is more of a blog format.  God Bless you!

Hazelwood USA My 20 Minute Sermon

Published Today
God’s Will For Your Life

To all the denominations that profess the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, I would like to ask you this.

1.  What makes us the same?  From what I can see, our central belief is that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the focal point of worship.

2.  What makes us different?  Here is the great gulf of division among us…
* From my understanding the denominations that baptize using the command of Mathhew 28:19 will baptize the command – but do not use the Name that is above all other names without which no man can be saved.  The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Using the Name of Jesus in baptism is NOT taking the name of the Lord our God in vain.
* Churches who refrain from using musical instruments in worship services miss out on such incredible blessings if what Psalm 100 commands us to do.  We need to sing and make melody in our heart AS we make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
* Put our cultural differences aside.  God judges the heart. We must ask ourselves “do we worship the way we worship God because it is in our heart?”  or “do we worship the way we worship because we have been taught that we have to worship Him in this certain way?”  We have got to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling.
* How do you define ‘Holy’?  Is it the sign f outward apparel?  It is true that God commands a distinction between the male and female (Deut. 22:5).  Is it the sign of a covering whether it be long (uncut0 hair or a scarf or veil?  Can you lift up holy hands before the Lord, not having hands that are swift to kill innocent blood.
* Are we guilty of judging one another ? (Matthew 7:1).  Is the love of the Father in us?  Jesus even prayed that we might all be ONE.

It is my prayer that we come together from all denominations and walks of life and worship God together in unity.  That we can enter in as any denomination and exit being true Apostolic believers.

Remember – Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me!”


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