More Than A Mantle


More Than A Mantle

Tonight my thoughts are on that young man lying in his bed downstairs. Sometimes the responsibility of parenthood overwhelms me.

I am certainly not talking about the earthly responsibility that faces each of us that choose to have children. Although I certainly appreciate this responsibility greatly.

I am talking about the responsibility that befalls us when we have a MAN to raise.

Raising my daughter has been challenging in it own way. But God has been gracious with my girl, giving her that love for her place in the His Word. *Yes, for all you feminist in the world, I believe I have a place, and that I do well to stay in it*

She embraces the role set forth for her, and looks forward, with great anticipation to the time when she can pass on her love of being *womanly and lady-like* and to her role in her family as the helpmate of her husband.

But, tonight, as I sit here thinking about that boy, sleeping soundly in his room, steps away from manhood and all the responsibility that entails, I pray for guidance for myself as well as for my *baby.*

It is these very thoughts that draw me once again to the Word of God. I know that these are more than just words on pages, this is the Voice of My God, My sweetest Friend, speaking to my situations.

Elijah was a prophet. He was also a man. When his years advanced he found Elisha plowing with a team of oxen and cast his mantle onto him. Elisha knew immediately the importance of that act, and leaving his life behind, followed Elijah, ministering to him. (1 Kings 19:19-21)

Then for some 7-8 years, we don’t really notice Elisha is there. Elijah continues on in the forefront, Elisha obviously is content to just follow him, serving as his attendant, it would seem.

Until that day when Elijah is carried by a chariot of fire into the whirlwind, it is only Elijah we see.

But that day, we see the mantle again, smiting the waters of the river Jordan, causing them to part so that Elijah and Elisha can pass over on dry ground. It is this day that Elijah asks Elisha what it is he wants him to do for him, and Elisha answers that he wants a double portion of his spirit.

What an impression he must have given Elisha. Those years of attending, of learning, of serving, gave Elisha not only the desire to continue on, but the desire for more.

And as he picked up the mantle, he picked up more than a cloak, he donned a covering. There he walked into the footsteps of his teacher, and put the example he had been watching all of those years to work.

God was faithful in upholding Elisha, because he was upholding the standard set before him by his predecessor.

Tonight I think about my son, I think about the men in his life, great men, godly men, men who are not afraid to walk the path of righteousness. I know the day is coming when one of them will pass by my son, and toss a mantle onto him, give him his purpose, mentor him, and help him to the realization of all God has for him as a MAN.

It will be more than a mantle that will be placed on his shoulders, it will be purpose. And in the time that follows, he will learn the importance of all that he is, and will prepare for all he is to be.

For there is so much I cannot teach him. So I pray for God to let someone pass by, let someone teach him, cover him with the things of God, show him what to do. Then when that day comes he will be ready to be all that he should.

And while I have been more than blessed in teaching my daughter how to love her role in your Word, it is the path my son must walk that I am inadequate to show him. He needs to follow the one that has cleared the path before him already, he needs the one who had already dried the way.

I am so thankful for You. There is so much I cannot do. Help me to do all that I can, and send someone to do what I cannot. Cover my children, Lord. I love You every moment.

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