More than a Maid


Isaiah 50:4
We have probably made some outrageous mistakes in our dating relationships, or we’ve maybe  become addicted to pornography or even we have made mistakes in our life because our vision was not totally upon Jesus Christ as it should have been. As I was reading the Bible one night I stumbled upon a verse and I made a personal commitment. This is going to sound crazy but my commitment is to simply desire more than a maid. Would you be willing to make a commitment with me, that you to desire more than a maid? Ok it may sound a little crazy but continue to read the following and you can make a decision to commit with me also in desiring more than a maid.

Job 31:1 “I have made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I look upon a maid”

1. Dating: I’m making a pledge to not seek anything less than what God would desire for me to have in a relationship; I want something more than ‘Hot.’ I want an individual with character that displays the beauty of God, in all their aspects. I desire more than a maid.
2. Pornography: I’m making a pledge to not seek temporary things such as pornography that will only lead to momentary pleasure; because I desire more than a maid.
3. Sex: I’m make a pledge to live a life of abstinence and save myself for marriage from this point, what is in the past has happened but my future I promise to take in my hands, I desire more than a Maid.
4. Life: I’m making a pledge that my vision may behold only the fullness of Christ and all he desires for me, for he is my ultimate goal, and my only hope of salvation and no maid shall hinder me from obtaining the prize that God has for me.

Ok, so we’ve probably each made mistakes in one or more of these aspects of our lives in the past and may call these failures of the short-sighted. Past weaknesses of the heart often times in our lives we do seem to fall in the same area multiple times, we call ourselves Christians but, at times, really how Christ like are we. Within the hearts of us is something that yearns for more of God but we also are faced with a real issue of carnality or desiring to do something that is purely against the laws or heart of God. We can easily find ourselves in-wrapped in pornography, relationships that lead to a weakening within our walk with God and we simply find our commitment to God is what we are truly lacking. That is what desiring more than a maid is all about.

Do you desire more than a maid and are you willing to make the promise that you will keep yourself pure from this moment on? Then Grab your bible and read Job 31:1 and make a commitment unto God, he’s truly waiting to hear from you.

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