Wherever you are tonight. just call on Jesus, and He will be there to help you in the darkest night.

In those impossible situations that no one can do anything about; that is, no one but Him.

When we go to the throne of grace, all Heavens is alerted. Remember friends, when God is involved anything can happen.

We need miracles for our sick family members, people in financial ruin. mentally, physically, and spiritually sick people everywhere.

Let’s stand in the gap for those in need. This could be you?

Have a warm and restful night,




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About the author

Lynne Conley

Our words can be a motivator, whether we realize it or not, whether you mean to or not. Our words can bring life. My life consists of working full-time at a pharmaceutical company and teaching Sunday school (Kindergarten class). My desire is to encourage others. My writings aren't fancy words, but they are from the Lord. So many people are hurting, and I want to help all I can while I am still alive. My passion is for elderly people and those who are shut-ins.