Another year is about to bite the dust. So, as I have time on my hands while caring for my injured son, I have been reflecting on the past year.

So many wonderful things have happened, and so many not so wonderful.

Back in February, I got my current job. I was so excited and awestruck that God would trust me with such a challenge. He has helped me in every step I have made.

Dad and Mom have been through so much. I have cried until I didn’t think I could possibly have any tears left. I have crawled into the bed with them, prayed with them, felt my heart break because of them, and shared the joy with them.

My daughter graduated college and moved off and left me. I didn’t think I would ever be able to live without her being near. But, God made a way. She has been through a lot and her faith has grown. I look at her and all she has accomplished and I am so proud of her. I have heard that I spoil my kids…guilty! I don’t regret it, after all, I was spoiled too, and I don’t think I turned out half bad, so to all the Nay-Sayer’s I say “Button It!”

My son, my baby turned 18 and began his senior year of high school. I am in crisis!! Then he ends the year with a bang, literally!! But, his faith during the whole ordeal has been strong. He knows who holds his tomorrow and who held him yesterday. God will see us through this obstacle, just as he always has.

We have grown so much, changed so much, and been through so much!! We have had friendships grow and we have been so thankful for that.

And I am blessed to have my friends to share with. I have started posting some photos on my other blog, so check out to see what I have cooking in that department. I will post some more inspirational stuff soon! Right now, I think I am using up all my inspiration taking care of my family, but I will have more to share around the corner! Love to all!!!

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