Make Your Bed With Care, You’ll Have To Lie In It

Make Your Bed With Care, You'll Have To Lie In It

Make Your Bed With Care, You’ll Have To Lie In It

My friends and family think I’m obsessive; I call it organization.  I become dysfunctional in the midst of chaos. There are some things I’m more organized with than others, so no peeking into my closet. I love order-everything needs a place; balance-an item in the middle of the shelf needs something on either side; and symmetry-my hairdresser finally convinced me that my face is asymmetrical, so my hair should be parted off center. Now you understand why my bookshelf is alphabetized, ironing shirts gives me a feeling of accomplishment and you will never find a haphazard, artistic mess on my mantle.

With two boys and now grandchildren, I’ve learned to compromise on the family room and kitchen.  I usually have a dirty glass or bowl in the sink, a pile of mail on the counter and various toys lying in disarray in front of the fireplace creating ordered chaos.  There are two rooms, however which are non-negotiable; my bathroom and bedroom.

I need a clean neat bathroom, so I keep minimal toiletries on the counter and put out fresh towels every day.  Speaking of towels, I always put the freshly laundered towels on the bottom of the pile so that I use all of them the same amount and they wear evenly.  OKAY, that may be a little on the obsessive side, but I’m never embarrassed if a guest stops in.  Also, there is something so relaxing about not being grossed out by a grimy tub, overflowing trash can and a cluttered vanity.  As you probably guessed, I also squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and hang the toilet paper over instead of under.

Although, I seldom enter my bedroom during the day, it is always ready and inviting if I need a peaceful sanctuary for a few minutes or a calm, quiet place to catch a quick nap.  I consider my mattress and pillow to be an important investment.  My Select Comfort mattress is set to the exact firmness or in my case softness and my Memory Foam pillow always cradles my head with just the right support.  One other luxury that I consider a necessity is high thread-count sheets.  There is no feeling like slipping between 600-count satiny, cotton sheets. Every night I slide into bed and just lie there for a moment enjoying the comfort of my mattress, pillow and soft sheets.  Then I let out a sigh of pure pleasure as I sink into my luxuriously made bed and let go of the day’s problems and stress.  However expensive or luxurious the room and its accessories, it wouldn’t have the same effect if I neglected to make the bed every morning.  There wouldn’t be much pleasure if I had to sink into a rumpled bed with wrinkled or soiled sheets rather than a clean smooth bed.  My Mom always taught me, “You make your bed and you’ll lie in it.”  I figured it was worth taking a little extra time to get it right, if I had to lie there all night.

How many times have I gotten carried away with the every day cares and trials of life and failed to “make the bed” but never noticed until I had to lie in it.  The sheets of my world had become crumpled and soiled all because I neglected to spend a few moments changing and smoothing them.  I want to take a little time every day smoothing the wrinkles through prayer, tucking in the loose ends and plumping up the pillows by spending a little time in the Word of God.   Sometimes daily prayer and Bible reading are not enough to keep everything God has provided in good order and I need a complete refreshing.  I have to find an altar of repentance and linger for a while in His presence.  I love to let the power of the Holy Ghost wash away all the mess until I feel totally renewed.  Lord, remind me that the bed I make every day is the one that I will have to lie in that night.  Help me to take the time to smooth, plump and tuck and occasionally change.


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