Living in a Fairy Tale

fairy tale

Living in a Fairy Tale:

I attended a breakout session at the convention the other day that was so wonderful. The title was “Leadership Principles of Sleeping Beauty.”

One of the things it brought out was the pattern of a fairy tale.

The first thing would be the age of innocence where everything is relatively good, normal, quiet, kind of a lull in life.

Then you would get the call to adventure where you would leave safety and security to strike out in search of something better, bigger, more exciting, etc. It is during this time that you would actually start out on your journey to find whatever you feel is waiting out there.

After the call to adventure, you would go through the initiation period. During this time you would enter into the big dip. This is the critical moment where you either sink or swim, pass or fail, live or die. A lot quit at this point.

During the journey, you develop allies who help you to get through. They may offer advice or give you tools you need to make it through.

Then there is the breakthrough, when you overcome the dip, survive that critical moment. This leads to the last stage, the celebration.

If you think of any fairy tale you have ever read, you can see this pattern. You can also see it in everyday life.

As I sat and listened to them explain the way this all relates to the workforce, I could not stop seeing how this relates to our walk with God, especially as a young person.

I know so many that have been in a beautiful, contented place, truly living in the age of innocence, only to hear some distant call to adventure and begin a journey going nowhere fast.

During that journey they are initiated into the things of the world, things they may have never even been aware existed before. And, as usually happens, they hit bottom, they reach that critical moment where all can be lost. It is wise to be careful who you ally yourself to because they could be an incredibly negative influence during this time.

As you travel further from the comfort and security of the church you find yourself in critical situations that can shape your entire future. You will literally find yourself standing at the proverbial crossroads.

The choice you made to determine the battle. Do you fight to retain all that you have ever believed in, or do you fight to let go?

And if you have let go, who celebrates?

I implore you tonight to make your choice based on forever, not based on the moment. Use your Sword when the battle comes, for the Word of the Lord is “sharper than a two-edged sword.” Make your journey a Hero’s Journey, a journey to a new height and higher places. Fight for something that truly matters, not the *Fairy Tale* of an exciting life beyond the security of God. Then and only then will you achieve Happily Ever After.

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