Life In The Slow Lane

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Life In The Slow Lane

Well, I have been in *HOTLANTA* for the past 5 days for some training.

I was, of course, having major palpitations just thinking about driving in that traffic with the added bonus of the spaghetti junctions thrown in for good measure.

The trip in was fine. And really, it was ALL fine. That is usually the way things go, you worry yourself to death, then ~~Presto~~ the time has passed and you survived.

I did come up with a new mantra for myself this morning, while trying to follow my GPS in downtown Atlanta. I am ever so glad to share with you…


When life hands you lemons….Laugh A LOT!!!

I rode around and around in circles this morning. I finally decided that I must have somehow told my GPS to take the scenic route. Finally, one of the girls that I was meeting down there called me on my cell phone.

“Do you see me?” she asked.

“DO you see ME?!?!” I replied.

And she did. All ended well.

I still get tickled just thinking about the whole thing, especially since someone was following ME, expecting ME to just lead them right on in…HA!

So, I headed on home, making nice time on the interstate.

Then I exited and that’s when it happened.

For all of you who live in BIG places and travel BIG roads, my hat is off. And I would normally say “give me the back roads any day!”

But, today I was tired, and ready to see my family.

I was clipping along at a nice steady pace when I topped a small hill and saw, in the distance, the back road version of the BIG road traffic jam.


About 20 vehicles were puttering along behind what I have to assume was someones little gray-haired granny in her car she bought new in 1963 at the breakneck speed of about 45. No one could pass, everyone was stuck.

Suddenly those 6 lanes that had me shaking in my boots earlier seemed rather nice.

I, naturally, got irritated. I mean, come on!! I was REALLY ready to get home.

And He spoke to me…

“What’s your hurry? Home is still there. Love is still waiting. Spend some time with Me.”

Ah, my Best Friend. This I will gladly do!

Thank You today for reminding me what is really important, You. Thank You for giving me extra time today to bask in Your presence, to thank You for all You have brought me to and brought me through, and for giving me time at Your feet to rest and prepare for my next big adventure. Send on the lemons, Lord! I could use a good laugh….

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