Let Me *STRESS* ~ Sunday Is My Favorite Day Of The Week!

Let Me *STRESS* ~ Sunday Is My Favorite Day Of The Week!

Every week I look forward to Sunday. Through all the events of everyday life, I am able to remain focused knowing that Sunday is on the way.

I have some beautiful mornings in His presence, and He is on my mind so much of the time that I feel so close to Him.

Plus Mid Week service is so refreshing to my soul.

But…there is something about Sunday…maybe because it has been set aside just for Him…that makes it my favorite day of any week.

Yet there is a shadow that overcast each Sunday morning so that by the time I reach the doors of the church my stress level has reached a high for the entire week!

I don’t think my family is alone in this. I look around on Sunday mornings before service and see many faces twisted in the same stress-induced mask that I wear.

I honestly believe had my family been around 125 years ago it would be the same…I would be standing by the buckboard with my Bible waiting, then silently praying all the way to church that the mules would pick up the pace.

It doesn’t matter how prepared I try to be, something happens. And this morning while driving to church, pushing the *horses* under my hood as fast as I legally could, and fighting the tears of frustration welling up in my eyes, I conversed with my Friend.

“I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, Lord!”

“Nay Nay,” He said. “You haven’t tried ME.”

How true. But no longer.

I bring the BIG stuff to Him, but…well…

This morning I had a revelation in the midst of my own catastrophe. It doesn’t have to be this way. Because even though I can’t figure out the solution, I can trust Him to help me too.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, and with His help, I’m booting the stress to the curb, and I’m gonna hitch my wagon and ride on!!!

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