Let Go Of The Stone

let go of the stone

I must say that I always feel antsy during election time. I have always been an even-keeled kind of person that avoids confrontation at all costs *UNLESS* you are someone with their pants cinched underneath your posterior with that whole said posterior in full view…then I cannot contain myself.

I really try to stay away from listening to the news media. It kind of makes my stomach knot up to just listen to all the muck and ruck that flies back and forth during elections. It seems like it is getting totally out of hand with this election, more so than I recall, but then again, I have tried to block out all the garbage from before, so who knows.

But as this election has unfolded, I have found myself paying attention. For some reason this time, it seems particularly important that I remain somewhat in the loop.

I have observed the tossing back and forth of stones by each side. There is so much about politics that I don’t quite understand by personal choice. But I understand enough to know that there is a danger on the horizon, the danger lies in desperation.

And again I am drawn back to that familiar story of Jesus, stopping in the sand, quietly stopping all the accuser of this woman found in sin.

What if the candidates followed his example? What if they said I’m not engaging in that kind of nonsense?

I have always told my children when someone *shows out* really bad about something it usually means they have something they themselves feel guilty of and they are trying to get the attention on someone else’s shortcomings to take the attention off their own. Time and time again that has proven to be true. The old favorite saying of mine “Right wrongs no man” comes to my mind again.

Let them stand on their experience, on their qualifications, let them drop the rocks they have raised to throw and use the platform of whatever they feel will make them the wisest choice.

Winston Churchill once said; “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

What is the result of throwing stones? Jesus said while keeping His eyes from the accusers that the one among them without sin should throw that first stone, and as I have said before since He was the only one without sin and He did not pick up a rock, who are WE to do so.

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