Jonah’s Dissatisfaction

Jonah's Dissatisfaction

Jonah’s Dissatisfaction

(Jonah 4:5)

I. Introduction

A. Jonah went out of the city. If there ever was a time he was needed, it was in those days after the revival.

1. Thousands had repented and turned to the living God.

2. They needed spiritual guidance and teaching. They were like sheep without a shepherd.

3. The prophet Jonah was their shepherd but he deserted them at the time of their greatest need.

B. Many of us have done the same thing.

1. Some dear child of God may have turned back to sin due to some failure of ours to give comfort and encouragement when

they needed it.

2. Perhaps we even criticized them when in reality we were part of their downfall.

3. Like Jonah, we went out to pursue our own interests when we should have stayed to help our brother.

4. When a visitor comes, do you stay around to show them a caring heart or do you run out to be at the restaurant? Which is more important?

C. There are many Christians who once knew the Lord but are now defeated and miserable.

1. If we belong to the Lord we are obligated to help our weaker brother in his battle with the Tempter.

2. Apostle emphasizes this strongly in Gal. 6:1-2, 10.

3. Remember what happened to them can easily happen to us.

D. It’s quite obvious that the tremendous number of defeated Christians that we have all dealt with indicates that the ministry of discipleship is lacking in our churches.

1. There are very few of us who are not guilty of this sin of neglecting those who are ready to be shattered on the rock of temptation.

2. How many times have we stated in a conversation with someone going through a great trial – “I’ll be praying for you.”

3. Sometimes we don’t even live up to our word to pray.

4. How encouraging it would be for us to follow up and find out how they are getting along…

II. Help must Be Given – As Christians, we are the ones who should provide it.

A. Jonah went out of the city at a time when he was needed in the city.

1. Have we been guilty of the same offense?

2. When people are in trouble we should do all in our power to alleviate their troubles.

3. Jesus in Matt 25:40 said; In as much as you have done it unto one of these my brethren, you have done- it to me.

4. Do we know when a person starts to backslide or do we have to wait until he falls to find out?

B. There are some guideposts that mark the path that~leads to backsliding – There are six we will consider.

1. If you have grown more tolerant with the temptation to sin you are usually on your road down.

2. If you make light of those sins which once seemed grievous you are on the road to defeat.

3. If you are so comfortable being a Christian that you no longer are involved in active service for Christ, then my friend you are on the road down.

4. If we find our conversations with people more important than our conversations with God we are in spiritual trouble.

5. If we spend more time in secular books than God’s Book, look out, collapse is on its way.

6. If the world has grown more alluring than Jesus, then your spiritual life is Sure to wane.

7. What’s the result of these things: unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life.

C. “Mark Twain” was the pen name of Samuel Clemens. As a young man, he fell in love with a beautiful Christian girl named Livy and married her. Being devoted to her Lord, she wanted a family altar and prayer at meals after she and Sam were married. This was done for a time; and then one day Sam said, “Livy, you can go on with this by yourself if you want to, but leave me out. I don’t believe in your God and you’re only making a hypocrite out of me.”

1. Fame and affluence came. There were court appearances in Europe. Sam and Livy were riding high, and Livy got farther and farther away from her early devotion to her Lord. The eventual fall came. In an hour of bitter need, Sam Clemens said,

2. “Livy if your Christian faith can help you now, turn to it”. Livy replied, “I can’t, Sam, I haven’t any. It was destroyed a long time ago.”

3. What a regrettable state to be in! But many of God’s dear children who were once walking with the Lord are far from Him today.

4. Probably you are wondering how those who have drunk from the well of salvation can turn aside to drink from the cisterns of sin.

5. Unless we maintain a close walk with Jesus and a moment by moment victory over the flesh we will all become backsliders.

III. Indwelt By the Spirit – Dominated by the Flesh

A. There are a great many Christians who are indwelt by the Spirit but are dominated by the Flesh.

1. Rom 8:8 – Those that are in the flesh cannot please God.

2. Gal 5:17 – The flesh lusts against the Spirit, these are contrary the one to the other, so that you cannot do the things that you would.

3. Flesh service is fruitless service.

B. Is there a way out? Praise God that there is!

1. We begin by confessing our coldness and sin to the Lord

2. Ask Him to dense and forgive you.

3. Then daily follow the necessary steps for continued fellowship with the Lord.

4. Speak to the Lord frequently in prayer spend time reading the blessed Word.

C. Let’s begin a renewed fellowship with Jesus. We need to renew our vows to the Lord and to His church.

God bless
Sister Phyllis

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