It’s A Dirty Job

It’s A Dirty Job

There you sit, in front of your computer, a real flesh and blood person.

You have a heart, you have a soul.

More than likely your life means something to someone else, and hopefully, you are not alone in the world.

But, if you can imagine just for a minute. Look beyond where you sit, look beyond your person to the bigger picture.

If you could, right now, rise above yourself and go beyond, straight into the heavens, your physical body would not even be visible. You would be smaller than a speck of sand.

Now, what if when you get up from the computer and look down, you see a piece of dirt in the chair where you once were. You may have to get right down on it to be able to see it. But that little speck of dirt, just sitting there in the seat of your vacated chair will have little meaning, and will make little difference.

Have you ever thought about how, in the whole picture, your existence is really small? There is not much to you if you compare yourself to the billions upon billions of others wandering this place we call earth.

What makes you significant?

Every day you wander this planet with people all around, from all walks of life, will all manner of circumstances. You are just one more person. One more speck of dirt.

Alone, a grain of sand cannot really do much, but when there are MANY grains of sand they can fulfill a purpose.

You need each other.

You want to see growth in the church, join together to reach the lost.

You want to see revival, join together to pray and fast for a breakthrough.

Bind with each other to make your church a fertile field, ready for the planting of something new.

When you work together you become more than a solitary, useless speck of dirt, together you can become a road that leads others to salvation, you can become a foundation that can be built upon.

Together you can bring forth a bountiful harvest!

SOMEBODY’S Got to do it!! Let it start with ME!!!

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