”Impacting Others”

Impacting others

” Impacting Others”

Scripture Text: ‘’The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want’’ (Psalm 23:1 KJV)

Sheep are born to follow their leader; it’s a natural instinct. If a sheep decide to go somewhere, all of the flock will follow their leader. Sometimes this isn’t the best decision for the entire flock.  For example, if the leader decides to jump off a cliff, most likely the rest of the flock of sheep will follow. These are a few characteristics of sheep: they are hardy, their living conditions can be in hot and cold temperatures, they can eat grass, twigs, and leaves, they remember the faces of other sheep and their shepherds, and they can recognize their shepherds’ voices. The enemies of the sheep are wolves, coyotes, and other dogs. The parable of the lost sheep should give us all insight into our Savior’s heart. The definition for insight is the power or act of seeing into a situation (Merriam-Webster) No matter how many that is in His fold, he will leave the ninety-nine and go after the one that is lost.  We all have shortcomings; not one of us is perfect. Many times we feel like we can’t touch someone. We never know what kind of impact we have on people especially those that don’t know the Lord.  If we continue to witness to them in love, people’s eyes will be opened, and they will acknowledge the Lord.  People everywhere are looking for something. Are we portraying the hope they need? Stay Encouraged!

Let us all remember in our prayers daily: All the many individuals suffering from all kinds of pain and heartaches. All the individuals with cancer, heart-related problems, diabetes, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick people everywhere. All those individuals that have the authority over our churches, our communities, our jobs, our government, our politicians, our leaders, homeless individuals, the many people who have lost their loved ones, all the elderly in the nursing homes, the shut-ins… that each day that someone will give them all a kind word, and a phone call or a card in the mail from their children. Let’s not forget all the little children with cancer at St. Jude’s hospital, the trauma units, all those individual are in financial ruin. Our service men and women as they are in harm’s way, they are protecting our freedom.

By: Lynne Conley


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