I’m Thankful For My Friend

I'm Thankful For My Friend

I’m Thankful For My Friend

Once I told my old man, ‘Nobody likes me.’

He said, ‘Don’t say that—everybody hasn’t met you yet.’

Rodney Dangerfield, I Don’t Get No Respect

If there is anything that I am thankful for today –it is my friend’s and family. Some of whom are here today.

·I give God thanks for the very most important people in my life.

·I give God thanks for the ones who have come to share in this glorious celebration with us because I know that our lives are all busy.

We could have been many other places this morning but we chose to come here to build our relationship with one another.However, if we have only come to share in our friendship we have missed our greatest privilege.We are blessed as we sit in heavenly places with our greatest and most valued friend—Jesus Christ.I think it would be appropriate for us to lift our hands, hearts, and hallelujahs in praise and thanksgiving to Him right now.


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