I Want to be More Like Him, Like JESUS!

Like Jesus

I Want to be More Like Him; Like JESUS!

Woke up this morning with this thought on my mind, I wanna be changed each day?  I Wanna be more like him; more like Jesus. I want to be more kind with my words and my judgement, my attitude, my thoughts, my desires, and my actions in general. I’m tired of living shallow, accepting sin here and there, being wishy washy, living a lie. Tired a fake religion and fake Christians. Tired of allowing weak flesh to dominate.  Oh can’t help but fix my mind on that scripture; “ If you love me KEEP my commandments”  Ye shall know them by their fruits”. Cant speak for others, but I wonder what my actions, my life, my words, my desires, and let me bring it home on a more personal level, what my profile says about me, the friends I have, the pics I post? The words and thoughts I share? Are they fake? Or real? Lip service or out of real relationship? Do I live truth? Or a lie? Jesus said, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” Free from bondage and hypocrisy, from lies and fakeness,  from the beer, the whisky, the bong bottle, the fornication? The mean spirit? Free from the control of flesh and ungodly friendships? In any case may he continue to protect, guide and even bless you. No, I’m not asking him to bless ungodly behavior if by chance there should be any, but the scripture does say “ the goodness of the Lord leads his children to repentance”.  Blessings……………

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