God Sees You in Love

God Sees You in Love

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord (Jeremiah 17:7, NIV).

When God is real to us, we will trust him with both our past and our future. Then we will be able to live for the present. We will look to him for wisdom and strength. Only those who see the invisible can see the impossible.

Do you remember those famous words found in Genesis 16:13: “You are the God who sees me”? Many people understand these words to mean that we had better watch what we do, for God will punish us. But that’s not what they mean.

These words were first spoken by a poor woman who had been banished from home and family and was wandering aimlessly in the desert. Suddenly, God spoke to her, and she responded with gladness and confidence, “You are the God who sees me.”

However worried you are at this moment, God is bending over you in love. You have been purchased by the blood of his Son. All of life’s ups-and-downs are meant to prepare you to live with him for eternity.

Say to yourself often: “You are the God Who Sees Me.” This means he sees all our problems and difficulties. He not only sees, he cares, and he can and will do something about it. Trust him. – Des Ford

Eli’s Reflection: It takes discipline to learn to see the invisible more than material things around you. What are you doing in your life to develop that regular discipline?

Courtesy of Good News Unlimited

About the author

John Howell

About me....well, let's go for the nutshell version. First and foremost, I love the Lord. God has been so good to me. Once I discovered that He really does care about the most detailed aspects of my life, I began to lean on Him more and more. There is strength and confidence in the wisdom of learning to trust in Him.

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