God is a Warrior


God is a Warrior;
He is your defender, your conquering King.
The victor in every battle.
He puts every enemy under His feet.
He will never know defeat!

God is a Deliverer;
He frees you from the things of the past
so that you are no longer
pulled down by their weight
or defeated by their memory.

God is a Healer;
He applies healing oil
to the wounds of your heart,
He brings peace to the troubled place,
He heals with His touch.
He covers with His wings.

God is a Giver;
He gives to you from a heart of holy love,
He gives and gives again.
He gives in abundance, in gladness;
He gives of Himself, He gives what is good,
He gives what is best.

God is a Friend;
He stays close to you,
He breaks bread with you,
He speaks with you
and listens to your heart.
He is now, and forever faithful.

Your righteousness, O’ God, reaches to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Who can compare with you, O’ God? Psalm 71:19 NLT


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