Forget Your debit card use your GRACE card


Forget Your Debit Card Use Your Grace Card

THE GRACE CARD: Is there any justice

Jer 15:15  LORD, you understand me. Remember me and take care of me. People are hurting me. Give them the punishment they deserve.
You are being patient with them. But don’t destroy me while you remain patient with them. Think about me. Think about the pain I suffer for you.

16 Your words came to me, and I ate them up. They made me very happy. I was glad to be called by your name, LORD All-Powerful.

Jer 16:19  LORD, you are my strength and my protection. You are a safe place to run to in time of trouble. The nations will come to you from all around the world. They will say, “Our fathers had false gods. They worshiped those worthless idols, but the idols did not help them.


Ever been hurt so bad all you can and wanna do is cry out for justice? Been lied on, cheated on, hated on, gossiped on, beat on, neglected and rejected? Felt like hey God I could use some justice here? Ever thought why did God bring this person, people, or circumstances into my life? Maybe he didn’t bring them into our life so much as he brought us into their life? The question for you to figure out is WHY? May I suggest that what we think we need or want  JUSTICE!  May not be what we really need?  GRACE?

JUSTICE   is when a person gets what they deserve

MERCY    is when u don’t get what you deserve

GRACE     is when you get what you don’t deserve.

What we need in our lives, including the haters and hurters, is GRACE! We need to learn to forgive.

Forgive them, forgive ourselves, and forgive God?  NO! NOT THAT God has done any wrong. But since we perceive that he has wronged us. Should we not forgive him? Even if he was truly guilty of wronging us? Does he not deserve the same forgiveness extended us? How dare we ask his forgiveness yet deny him the same benefit? Hurt, hate, and pain are our teachers and friends, but mercy, justice and grace, are our lovers and comforters..Divinely sent instructors who teach us the true meaning of a successful life.


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