For That Is Why I Came


For that is why I came

I have only been here a few weeks.

I was the visitor you shook hands with;

The first three times I came.

But, I am no longer called a visitor.

And, since becoming a new member

I am not treated quite the same.

After service, you break into groups.

Talking and laughing together,

But no one knows or calls my name.

Why don’t you invest your time in me?

Did I do or say something wrong?

Is it because I dress or look too plain?

I stand alone wanting and longing to belong.

But I can’t move forward on my own.

I am held back by a past full of shame.

I just wish that one person,

Just one would talk to me

And help to ease this pain.

I came here looking for His love.

I was told it was in this place

Where people call on Jesus Name.

Can someone please reach out?

Please, anyone, reach out to me.

For that is why I came.



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