Find the Faith to Endure Life’s Storms According to the Bible -PART 1

Find the Faith to Endure Life's Storms

Focusing on– Find the Faith to Endure Life’s Storms According to the Bible –here is the account of one storm found in Mark 4:35-41 concerning the life of Paul and how Jesus dealt with the disciples who were with Him. More than that there are key points relating to how we can overcome storms such as trials, afflictions, persecutions faced in everyday life especially in this time of economic crisis in the world.


Endure life’s storms, torturous days of toil, wind, and rain lashing us, no sleep, disaster on every wave. We may wonder, Lord, will I ever reach my destination. We may get like Job. Though He slays me, yet will I trust Him…

Keep your hopes alive. Ever feel you would never make it Mary and Martha must have endured difficult days as their brother Lazarus sickened grew worst, finally died and Jesus didn’t show.

Wonder if God really cares? Has your Christian joy been overshadowed by disappointment? “Lord, where are you when I need you.”

Prove your seamanship in the storm. We prove God in adversity–not in calm waters. We prove it when the storm has lasted for two weeks or two months or two years or two decades, we need assurance that He is with us. In storms when the frail ship would be blasted to bits, but like Paul there stands by you in the night the angel of God, saying. “Fear not in the storms…”

Prove that your life is hidden in Christ. We need security that gets above the storm and allows us to see that God never forsakes us. Our assurance must be rooted in the faithfulness of God to keep us… for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness, and in health and in life and in death.

Don’t insist He does everything the same on every occasion. We can’t make up the rules of life and expect God to submit. Maturity means I submit to Him I acknowledge His lordship. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Don’t always get angry because the storm came up in the Christian life. Maturity means you understand that it is not a bed of roses. It is very difficult to second-guess God. We are the creature, He is the Creator!

Ask Lord: Teach me in this storm–instead of doing what we want–just to find our own ways. Do you want to pray move NOW or I’ll try some other way.

Stay with the ship you will make it safely to the other shore. You will see storms. Some will blow up and calm down in a hurry. Some will last a while and threaten to defeat you. You may even see a few shipwrecks.

Find the answer to help you to endure any storm that comes into my life and there have been many. All power is in the name of Jesus folks and not in other names.

Call on the name of Jesus and He is always with me and He calms down the storms that hit me.

Turn to Jesus, if you are going through any kind of storm in your life today.

Follow the simple plan of salvation found in Acts 2:38 and many other verses are also there to back up this one.

Obey the word of God completely you will have the power to handle any situation that you may face in life, and Jesus never fails us. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be. and He loves you and me so much.

Avoid sabotaging your prayers. You may be going through so much physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and some are in bondage or in prison literally and also within themselves and don’t know the answer.

Find Jesus and the real way to be saved and then the void you feel in your life is filled. You will have never been so happy in your life.Why not jump into the arms of a loving God And though the storms rage high, the dark clouds roll — you don’t need to worry. You’ll be sheltered; safe within the arms of God.

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