Ending of a trial!


Ending of a trial!

As I gently breathe in and out, I feel a calmness that can only come from God. The circles of several years of a trail have come to conclusion. I believe when a trail starts you often wonder if it is a trail and sometimes you do not catch on to the fact you are in a trail until you are in the heated middle, with chaos, pain, hurt, and all kinds of emotions hitting you left and right that will toss you about if you are not rooted in God. Even when you are rooted in God it does not mean, the storm will have less severity; it means you know who to anchor yourself too. God.

Today, I know what it feels like for a trail to come to an end. Last Sunday, my preacher was saying to lay down the burdens you carry at Gods feet, that he was pouring out the rivers of living water.  (When I accepted Christ, I wrote, a poem called “Rivers of Living Water”, the term was a confirmation to me, for those of you who follow my writings.) That God was there in the house offering restoration, rest, healing, and prosperity. I went to the altar and God spoke to my soul, I said Lord, I cannot even speak my burdens, they are so deep. I started to cry. In the stillness of my soul, not in an audible way, I heard the Lord, say to me. “Debra, I have heard your cries, I have covered them and they will be fine, I am restoring to you your health and prosperity, go in peace. I love you!

A few weeks later, an elder in the church started to call individuals to the front of the church for a prophetic word. It was a blessing to hear a prophetic word of encouragement that was given, as you could clearly see, from people’s reactions a truth had been spoken to them. Then as I watched the last person make his way back to his seat, I let out a sigh of relief as I thought it was over, and then I heard my name called.

For those of you who do not know me personally, one of my fears is standing or speaking in front of a large group of people. I remember ungracefully, making my way to the front, as I heard each incessant noise of my flip-flops snapping on my heels. I truly thought I am in for it, as I was sure I was going to be chastened for an issue I felt I had not resolved with a fellow sister in Christ. Then I am taken by surprise as my elder, speaks to me about ships lying on the bank, rotting away. My elder having grown up on the Northeastern coast, he referred to three such ships that had been on the bank for years weathering away that he knew in his past. Sometimes prophetic words come in areas of familiarity of the one giving the word.  I was thinking, “Which is worse, chastening or rotting ships?” nervous doesn’t come close to how I felt. My elder began to speak.

“As I looked at you I instantly saw the ship go upright, there was no time delay, going from rotting to decks looking like new, sails coming down, and being filled with the winds of the Holy Spirit, and God is saying to you, “You are not on the bank anymore” “God is going to be sending you out in the full power of his Holy Spirit. You have been following the right path, God is saying to you “Job well done” God says your heart is tracking in the right direction, you have been obedient, you have been a servant, for that God says “well done” You need to receive that.” Then my elder prayed for me.

God has all kinds of people speaking to me; I have been in what I call my wilderness for a long time. God stayed with me, he did not leave me, he held me and loved me, and told me I am worthy, that he hears my prayers, that I am to trust in the Lord.

For me it was coming full circle from deep trials, I have laid down my burdens at God’s feet. The confirmations are amazing, and I did not realize the magnitude of what I have been hearing until I put it all down on paper. So as I heard from God, I am to go in peace he has heard my cries and covered them, I am restored and God loves me.

Thank you, Jesus! I receive your prophetic word!

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