Disconnected and loving it.

Disconnected and loving it

I deleted my Myspace and Facebook accounts.

I deleted my blog on Blogger.

I deleted my Buzznet photo account.

Last night I felt convicted to do so, and I think I disconnected myself from most of the sites I’ve used for years.

I’ve been struggling lately, and I felt as long I was connected to those sites and some of my old friends, I was going to continue to struggle. Most of my close friends have my phone number if they need to reach me. The same goes for my e-mail address and instant messenger addresses. I love my friends, the ones I made out in the world, but I left that world behind and the more connections I have with those experiences and memories, the more my mind and flesh are going to continue to rebel and fight what God is doing in my life.

The other issue behind deletion is there are a lot of blogs I’ve written and pictures I’ve taken that I’m not all that proud of. I took the first amendment to new lows, pushing the envelope whenever I could. I’d be blunt, I’d be rude, I’d be mean, I’d be vulgar, etc etc. Google my name and my writing name and you’ll still find some of my stuff. I can’t change the past or change what I’ve written, but I can try to reduce the amount of material out there. What if someone reads or sees that stuff and make a decision to walk away from Jesus based on that information?

Now if only the past was as easy as pushing the delete button. Things are good, work has been good, and the church has been great. God is moving in new ways every week. I’m still annoyed at myself from walking away, but I came back at an exciting time and I’m thrilled to be in the middle of it.


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